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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Sad loss of the King of Pop

Thanks to Roberta of A Mouse in the House for letting me use her portrait of Michael :-)

It came to us via a text message.
The way of the world today.
Confirmed by the TV bulletins.
Michael Jackson had passed away.
Blank stares fell over our faces,
as the various images appeared.
The fans began to congregate,
the sad news bringing with it tears.
A true 'phenomenon' in our life time.
He gave up his to entertain.
But all the money and fame in the world
proved little to gain.
So a fond farewell to the 'thriller'
You'll never be forgot.
RIP Michael Jackson.
The King of Pop!
Kerridwen Niner

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Something old, shrunk and hopefully something new!

This is my step daughters jumper, or was. Somebody shrunk it so i thought, what can i do with that. First i cut off all the pieces and played around with them...

I played some more...and some more...and this is the end result! I don't think it'll hold any great weight but i am still pleased that i pulled it off and made something from what almost amounted to nothing or at least not as far as my step daughter was concerned. She thinks it's kinda cool too, quite something for a thirteen year old!