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Things that make you go hmmmm

So hi to anyone that's still out there following my little page. What have you all been up to in blogger land? So I thought I'd sh...

Friday, 19 August 2016

Things that make you go hmmmm

So hi to anyone that's still out there following my little page. What have you all been up to in blogger land?

So I thought I'd share with you a little journey I'm on with a company named Younique, have you heard of them? My curiosity got the better of me after a friend added me to a group on fb and some weeks later after trying to have an unsuccessful online party I deceided nothing ventured and joined. I have been taking selfies, interesting in itself and attempting to make videos to demo the products and their application and various make-up looks like it's going out of fashion lol. I must admit it's reignited my love of make-up. Back in the day I wouldn't have left the house without it but with age and motherhood that all goes on the back burner. But I'm on it. I'm enjoying the products, enjoying experimenting, off for a vintage styling session next week to try out some victory rolls and the like, so watch this page and let me know if there is anything you'd like to know :)

Thursday, 12 February 2015


So yesterday I went looking for pants. Yes I have reached that age where comfort out weighs the alternative and was rapidly running out of said requirement. So I browsed in various shops and not surprisingly ended up in Asda. I browsed the muddled incomplete selection, full brief, shorts, high waist, thongs basically knowing I wanted what I had bought before if only I could remember. There were various packets with pairs missing strange but true. Sizes, styles, colours etc. Its questionable how long it took me to decide. Eventually I thought I'd made my decision and then I saw a board explaining the different sorts,  a board with a description, sad! So having picked high waisted I swapped for full brief. Currently one or two pairs I own like to slip into the crease of my  C section scar which fidgets me. So decision made. I took them home and took one out to see what they looked like, my first impression was that they reminded me of something my mum would choose, and i don't mean that in a bad way necessarily. They looked big, 'full'. So later I tried a pair on and despite being put off by the visual they don't leave anything out lol and that's where I'm at. Next time I will probably stick with the high waisted variety but for now job done ;)

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Todays creativity and crochet progress

Wow where does the time go, it's been a while. I'm still crafting and my crochet has progress to a blanket, yes can you believe it, i completed my very own granny square blanket, i was so chuffed.....

as i am with this cushion which I've just finished off today, stuffed and crochet edge added and fastened with four buttons so in the worse circumstances i can wash one or tuther but hopefully that won't happen. So pleased so have it finished i shall cherish it :)

and a little seasonal baking, choc chip cookies and Halloween cupcakes, the vintage variety, complete with popping candy and lovely marshmallows from M&S and they taste scrumptious :)

Hope all is well with all my fellow crafty friends, it's nearly that time again, are you prepared?

Saturday, 12 April 2014

This years creative journey.......

So last year i set up a little crafty group, a 'Craft Share' group so that myself, my mum, my adopted sister and niece could enjoy getting creative and maybe learn a thing or two while we were at it. Some things we could help each other with and somethings a kind person could come and enlighten us about. One of the first things we got help with was crochet. I have never crocheted before and had no idea what i was doing and really only wanted to learn how to make granny squares and flowers for decorative purposes. So a friend (who i have never met) on Facebook volunteered  her mum to come help us which she kindly did. She was a lovely lady and tried her hardest to give us some direction but myself and my sister felt like we were fighting a loosing battle by the time our get together was over. That said i persevered and so did my sis, my mum dabbled a bit and my niece too although with an impending arrival she had lots to thing about.

Anyway! This is where my journey went

I didn't photograph much of what i made early on but eventually had a play with this which i kinda made up as i went along, this eventually became an Autumnal brooch....

These slightly out of shape circles.....

and a few squares.......

But now with help from You Tube and books i am now turning out.....

I am so chuffed to have managed to get to grips with squares and flowers now i need to turn my hands to putting said crochet to use so the bottom squares are hoping to become a simple bag, one side now looks like this....

Sewing them together is another lesson in itself so I'm hoping that improves as i go along but for a first attempt I'm pleased.

I have made use of the flowers on cards like this :)

and back tracking at Christmas i made use of some of my squares and made this canvas for my nieces first Christmas, the colours lending themselves to some year round decor.

So persevering does pay off. Where is your creative journey leading you this year?

Friday, 7 February 2014

All behind

Well the last time i posted it was Sunday and now it's Friday and to be honest after this week i think trying to back track might prove difficult. It's been a stressful week, faulty cars on top of imminent MOTs and decision making regards do we don't we what do we do if we don't and sometimes you just don't feel up to making decisions.

Today's happy was brought about by the appearance of a rare thing of late. The sunshine, it's been with us on and off all day, blue skies too always helps. Done three hair cuts today, despite not having trustworthy wheels, two ladies came to me and i went to the other and whilst there the last ladies daughter brought me little letters and gems whilst her little sister plied me with cute smiles which i take her up on as much as possible. Hoping to get the issues of wheels sorted over the weekend, should result in a change of and with a bit of luck i will be shining as the sun is by Monday.

Have a good one :)