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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Todays creativity and crochet progress

Wow where does the time go, it's been a while. I'm still crafting and my crochet has progress to a blanket, yes can you believe it, i completed my very own granny square blanket, i was so chuffed.....

as i am with this cushion which I've just finished off today, stuffed and crochet edge added and fastened with four buttons so in the worse circumstances i can wash one or tuther but hopefully that won't happen. So pleased so have it finished i shall cherish it :)

and a little seasonal baking, choc chip cookies and Halloween cupcakes, the vintage variety, complete with popping candy and lovely marshmallows from M&S and they taste scrumptious :)

Hope all is well with all my fellow crafty friends, it's nearly that time again, are you prepared?

Saturday, 12 April 2014

This years creative journey.......

So last year i set up a little crafty group, a 'Craft Share' group so that myself, my mum, my adopted sister and niece could enjoy getting creative and maybe learn a thing or two while we were at it. Some things we could help each other with and somethings a kind person could come and enlighten us about. One of the first things we got help with was crochet. I have never crocheted before and had no idea what i was doing and really only wanted to learn how to make granny squares and flowers for decorative purposes. So a friend (who i have never met) on Facebook volunteered  her mum to come help us which she kindly did. She was a lovely lady and tried her hardest to give us some direction but myself and my sister felt like we were fighting a loosing battle by the time our get together was over. That said i persevered and so did my sis, my mum dabbled a bit and my niece too although with an impending arrival she had lots to thing about.

Anyway! This is where my journey went

I didn't photograph much of what i made early on but eventually had a play with this which i kinda made up as i went along, this eventually became an Autumnal brooch....

These slightly out of shape circles.....

and a few squares.......

But now with help from You Tube and books i am now turning out.....

I am so chuffed to have managed to get to grips with squares and flowers now i need to turn my hands to putting said crochet to use so the bottom squares are hoping to become a simple bag, one side now looks like this....

Sewing them together is another lesson in itself so I'm hoping that improves as i go along but for a first attempt I'm pleased.

I have made use of the flowers on cards like this :)

and back tracking at Christmas i made use of some of my squares and made this canvas for my nieces first Christmas, the colours lending themselves to some year round decor.

So persevering does pay off. Where is your creative journey leading you this year?

Friday, 7 February 2014

All behind

Well the last time i posted it was Sunday and now it's Friday and to be honest after this week i think trying to back track might prove difficult. It's been a stressful week, faulty cars on top of imminent MOTs and decision making regards do we don't we what do we do if we don't and sometimes you just don't feel up to making decisions.

Today's happy was brought about by the appearance of a rare thing of late. The sunshine, it's been with us on and off all day, blue skies too always helps. Done three hair cuts today, despite not having trustworthy wheels, two ladies came to me and i went to the other and whilst there the last ladies daughter brought me little letters and gems whilst her little sister plied me with cute smiles which i take her up on as much as possible. Hoping to get the issues of wheels sorted over the weekend, should result in a change of and with a bit of luck i will be shining as the sun is by Monday.

Have a good one :)

Monday, 3 February 2014

Sunday 2nd Feb

So I'm posting Sunday late but you know how it is at weekends with all the excitement of pre-school routines lol

So I'm sure we have days when you might not see/feel/hear your happy but amongst alot of unwanted 'stuff' this weekend i found moments of mine. I made soup on Saturday, carrots, peppers, sweet potatoes and ordinary, i roasted all the veg for a time and then popped them in the slow cooker with 2ltrs of stock, half chicken, half veg. A very good friend introduced me to homemade soup last year and i have to say it's one of the best things ever. I SO enjoyed my soup with my cheese topped roll, and i have discovered that there are lots of good reasons for enjoying those veg. I'm not a big eater of veg, infact until my intro to soup I'd never eaten peppers (picked them out) or squash or sweet potatoes, infact cauiliflower too which I've also made into soup so to be eating more veg and reading the other benefits of Peppers, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes  etc just makes me even more pleased that I've learnt to make my own  soup. The links are all from Pintrest and you can take what they say with a pinch of salt (personally not recommended lol) but what's not to like.
This soup was followed by some homemade flapjack with ginger and choc chips and was also delish although i was somewhat bloated after (eyes bigger than belly!).

So they are my moments of happy. Oh and come the end of the day my son brought a little clip down where he apologised for being a less than obliging child with such a serious face and told me and my husband that we're the best parents in the world which of course brought tears to my eyes. We're not but we get by but how lovely :)

So how's your happy?

Saturday, 1 February 2014


So the other day i saw this challenge posted on Facebook, right up my street i thought but i didn't relish sharing pictures with everyone so i have decided to blog it instead. I have a Jar of Joy of sorts at home so i had started that but am going to post here instead. It might be short and sweet but hopefully it'll be worth the time spent appreciating it.

I have declared February my month for fun. In whatever shape or form it comes i hope to do one thing even if it's only small that is not the norm for me, it's very easy to get bogged down with the day to day grind, housework, looking for a job, school run etc etc.

So today's moment was during a walk to town, on my own, with my earphones in which is unusual for me. It was very blustery and a little chilly but there were blue skies and a little sunshine. It felt good to blow the negative cobwebs that have been building up these last few weeks away. Blasting my ears with some good tunes was quite uplifting and also by having them on i felt i was in my own little bubble cut off from those around me. I played 'Happy' on the way home by Will Pharell, i love that tune, i believe if you played it enough times you could change your whole outlook, maybe not everyone else's but certainly my own and it needs some positive nutrition. So my happy moment for today :)

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Happy New Year

so here we are a new year, new start, new hopes and dreams.....

The reason i thought i'd post today is this, i try and bear in mind my thoughts, having read 'You Can Heal Your Life' by Louise L Hay i'm a great believer in thoughts becoming things. I've also read The Secret and try to keep in mind that the Universe hears my thoughts and delivers accordingly, some days this is easier than others BUT sometimes i see the signs and it makes me stop and think. So here are my signs.

Last week i mentioned to my husband that i might get our son a new school bag, the ones they had when they started school don't seem to be used so much in Year 3 the children seem to have adopted their own. I mentioned to to a friend at school and that was that. BUT on Sunday afternoon there came a knock at the door and my neighbours son handed me a bag, he said something about his mum and wondering if we would like it and i said thank you and came in. We don't speak to them much bar saying hi now and again but there it was a new bag for Brett. It's not what i would have gone out and bought but it serves the purpose and my son is perfectly happy with it :)

Last year in a moment of positivity i started a board with pictures on it of things i'd like. It was a bit of a non starter really as all it had on it all year was a picture of a chiminea, a solar toadstall type light, some topiary lights and some lights for decorating the garden. I removed them from the board in recent months as i needed it but the other day i came across them and one by one looked at the pictures. I bought my husband a 'fire pit' not quite a chiminea but some opinions about them didn't seem very encouraging so we went for a fire pit which as yet hasn't proved pleasurable but still, tick, my friend for my birthday bought me a toadstall planter, it's not quite a solar powered light but it still sits in our garden waiting to be planted and i love it, i have solar lights that add twinkle, the only thing that didn't materialise is the topiary lights, not for lack of trying. Do you see where i'm going with this....

Over the weekend my husband and i discussed the damp in our bedroom. Our house is rented and i said i would mention it to the landlord at the next opportunity and low and behold the very next morning he called me regarding something i mentioned before Christmas. This is not the first time this has happened, probably the fourth, bearing in mind he lives out of the country a large part of the year.

So it's interesting isn't it the things that come to you. This time last year i wrote in a book things we hoped to do this Christas (2013) they were things like, take a walk and admire the pretty lights, visit Milton Keynes to admire their festive displays and go see a panto, well we managed all three between us and it's not like i have referred back to that, infact it only seems like yesterday i wrote it all down, i have since added to that for this year.

Anyway take what you will from what i say but if the Universe is listening Thank You :)