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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Excerpts of 'Thanksgiving' UK

So with thanks to my lovely friends across the pond my friend Jo and i adopted Thanksgiving this year and celebrated in our own creative ways. I made a Thanksgiving cone which I'm not mad about but have had a few compliments about and incorporated some glittered cones that i did last year. I brought out my ikea wire tree and having printed of some lovely Thanksgiving freebies gave my hubby, mum, dad and son a tag with their name on and everyone wrote a little word of thanksgiving on it and attached it to my tree so thanks to them for joining with me in giving thanks. We enjoyed a lovely roast dinner which mum helped with, homemade bread sauce and some lovely chocolate sauce which we had with cream and waffles for pudding. My biggest dilemma this meal was making sure that nothing came near the meat for my dad, bless him. It was a juggling act, more so than normal when my roasties normally go in with the meat, our cooker is small enough as it is. Still i thoroughly enjoyed it and then we headed into town to see the Christmas lights go on the best of which was the fireworks. Full of greatness :)