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Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Wow, don't faint i am posting on my blog. I know it's been like ages but somehow the novelty wore off and other things filled the void, as well as the fact that if no one is reading then what's the point.

So are you on Facebook? Does your feed consist of little photos and pictures with quotes and the like attached? I love anything motivational so many of those will filter and then get shared in the hopes that something connects with a fellow friend. 

One of the ones that always sticks out in my head is the one that goes something like 'friends are like stars you may not always see them but you always know their there' so how does that make you feel, do you agree or disagree?

I am a Dog according to Chinese astrology and they are seen as faithful companions and i would like to think that's me. I would like to think I'm here to listen to anyone that needs me to or even to reach out indirectly to. With regards my 'true' friends i would hope they don't need to just envisage me being there i would hope I'm a good enough friend to drop the odd message or text, this is the age of technology after all just  to say 'hi, how's it going' 'last time we spoke you were waiting on this, going there' etc etc I don't think it's a biggie and i appreciate the same in return, i would like to think their interested/concerned enough that if they haven't seen or spoken to me they would want to 'check in' atleast. Do you agree? Even those 'friends' i don't consider close (especially where Facebooks concerned) as you can see from someones status what's on their mind i will frequently say 'is everything ok, is there anything i can do, do you want to chat' 

Over the years I've often been reminded that not everyone thinks like me so maybe I'm the exception....