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Thursday, 12 February 2015


So yesterday I went looking for pants. Yes I have reached that age where comfort out weighs the alternative and was rapidly running out of said requirement. So I browsed in various shops and not surprisingly ended up in Asda. I browsed the muddled incomplete selection, full brief, shorts, high waist, thongs basically knowing I wanted what I had bought before if only I could remember. There were various packets with pairs missing strange but true. Sizes, styles, colours etc. Its questionable how long it took me to decide. Eventually I thought I'd made my decision and then I saw a board explaining the different sorts,  a board with a description, sad! So having picked high waisted I swapped for full brief. Currently one or two pairs I own like to slip into the crease of my  C section scar which fidgets me. So decision made. I took them home and took one out to see what they looked like, my first impression was that they reminded me of something my mum would choose, and i don't mean that in a bad way necessarily. They looked big, 'full'. So later I tried a pair on and despite being put off by the visual they don't leave anything out lol and that's where I'm at. Next time I will probably stick with the high waisted variety but for now job done ;)