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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

I 'Heart' Cake

Ok so to explain myself, although the pictures pretty much speak for themselves. Recently over on Facebook i volunteered to review the I 'heart' cake mould. The kind folks over at Find Me A Gift sent me the mould just this weekend so this afternoon i set to trying it out.

I used my ever faithful Flora (on the packet) cake recipie and 'sprayed' the mould before putting the cake mix in. There are no instructions on the wrapper and my experience using Silicone moulds is extremely limited, infact i think I've only ever used one once and didn't spray it i suspect and struggled to get it out, but it's a long time ago. I put the cake in the oven and left it about 45 mins (15mins longer than when in two split tins)

I left it to cool for quite a long time hoping not to have any problems and in the main it came out fine, just the tiniest little bit on about 3 corners where the spray hadn't covered.

Now the idea of this mould is that you can make several 'heart' shaped individual cakes/slices if you so wish. Due to my son requesting chocolate cake and me wanting to do what i had in the house, jam and cream (which we did have to get in the end) i hastily cut it into almost 4 quarters before i remembered the heart shaped segments. The idea being that i could accommodate his needs when filling the cake as well as ours, so he had a slice with chocolate spread in lol. I then did the rest as explained above. The piece to the left is a heart shaped segment but the nice thing about the edging is that you can easily slice smaller individual slices too making in theory 12 small slices. Anyway we've yet to try it but i'm told by family and friends that my baking is yummy so i shall be trying it real soon and will definitely look forward to experimenting with this mould. Thanks to Find Me A Gift for letting me try it. You can find the mould  here  :)