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Thursday, 12 November 2009

Cre8 09

Now as is the norm this award is being awarded somewhat later than originally expected but whilst we are still in 09 i am still on schedule lol. I made this award originally with four special people in mind, they are Michelle Perkett of Enchanted Inspirations Senta Plyer of As I Was Saying Alicia Padron of My Place Over The Hill and Fannie Narte of Imagine Create Inspire. These four ladies have been a great inspiration, are encouraging and are now really great friends. I love the www and the fact that it enables friendships to flourish where normally our paths wouldn't necessarily cross.

Btw for those of you that are curious the eight is my lucky number and turned on it's side is the sign for infinity so ladies to infinity and beyond :)

Can i just extend this award to MY MUM, my biggest inspiration my whole life. LOVE YOU :)

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Mistletoes Snowy Day on Storybird

A little story i put together
with the help of Storybird
and some lovely illustrations by bluedogrose.
Love to hear your thoughts :)

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Hello everyone, hope you all had a fabulous Halloween. We had a great day yesterday which started with us watching the new Michael Jackson film which was fab.I made some witches cakes which unfortunately didn't go down well with the pumpkin in the house but the blackcurrant jelly complete with jelly babies did lol.

Later in the afternoon we got changed and headed off to trick and treat friends and family. We visited my father-in-law, my mum and my good friend Glenny. By the time we had finished Brett was tired so never got to wander up and down our road but it had been an eventful time and Brett has had lots of fun

My Halloween festivities seem to have lasted for some weeks now as i participated in a Halloween Celebration almost two weeks ago and have been doing Halloween art and creations but it's been very enjoyable.

So it's November 1st, another month gone and it was a busy one. This one is going to be equally busy with the run up to Christmas. I am going to have a bit of a blogiday for the next few weeks. I may pop by with an odd post but want to concentrate on creations for Ivy's Attic and some for friends and family and some baking and anything else i can fit in. Please don't desert me while I'm away there will be all sorts to look forward too come December. I will still be doing my daily ritual of checking in to my ever expanding list of blog favourites to see what you're all doing so here's to the season of goodwill to all ladies and gentlemen and the festivities that follow :)