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Saturday, 26 December 2009

Christmas Day Eve

My journal entry for this evening:-Well it's the evening of Christmas Day 2009. How quickly the biggest day of the year comes to a close.How nice it is to have freed up space on our bedroom floor, in draws and other nooks and crannies. How satisfying it is to know that all those well thought out gifts are with their rightful owners and with the exception of our sons birthday in a couple of weeks present wrapping in the main is done.

How full of greatness i am for all the lovely gifts i have received and to the special friends that have been able to share in our festivities and me in theirs. Peace, Love and Happiness and all the best for 2010 PL:-)

Friday, 18 December 2009

Happy Christmas

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my family and friends a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year. Can you believe that a week today will be Christmas Day and most of us will be enjoying our new gifts and tucking into some yummy food. Another year nearly over. This year for me has been a hectic one with highs and lows but on a creative journey it has been a roller coaster of activity. I have loved the journey i have been on and will be doing one more post between Christmas and New Year documenting that journey.

I love all my blog friends old and new, i hope you have time to stop by. This year i hope to simplify my life a little and so this blog may come to rest. Since starting it i under took two more blogs, showcasing new artists i have come across and the other to give thanks. I hope to continue with them and hope to Blurb this one so that i can look back at all i have added during the two plus years i have been coming here. I have loved sharing my moments and creations with you.

I will continue to craft but that too needs to be simplified. I love to make my felt cuties, i too love to make the odd card now and again and hope to continue painting when the mood takes me. I hope to get my Etsy shop back up and running and refreshed with new items for you to enjoy but have found i have too many balls in the air and my creative mojo went walk about although the last few items i have made or finished have turned out pretty well.

So on that note have a fabulous time, i hope too.I know that with the help of Amazon and Santa i have some inspiring reads in my stocking.

I shall leave you with the infamous words of David Cassidy and The Partridge Family, can't get through Christmas without them :)

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Nativity Card Collage

This is my Nativity Card Collage. Can't believe I've finally finished it. I think i started putting this together at the beginning of the year. I had planned to do lots of these with different themed cards but never got further than this one. The backdrop is all Nativity themed pieces of Christmas Cards and then i popped to the local craft shop and did some die cuts of Mary Joseph and a stable and pieced it all together. I finished off the frame with pieces of carolled scrapbook paper. I am so pleased with it. My intention is for it to be a gift and it still might but I'm tempted to keep it too lol :)

Monday, 14 December 2009

Frosty Owl

This is my entry for Michelle Perketts Holiday Party Weekend. I loved doing this Owl and making it look all frosty/wintry.It is definitely my favourite time of year and having been led creatively by the Owls i thought I'd finish on the same note. This is a Tricia-Rennea design you can find her blog here Tricia-Rennea thanks Tricia :)

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Oh yes it's my blogoversary today, thanks to Teena in Toronto for reminding me. I think it must be two years now since i set up Constellations. Here i am three blogs later lol. So as last minute as this might be i would like to do a little anniversary giveaway. Below this post is my little Festive Angel designed by Michelle Perkett. Can you think of a name for her, i will pop all entries received by the end of the week in a hat and get Brett to pull one out and send her on to you :)

Ok the winner is Jana. Congratulations Jana. I did a random generator and admittedly there were only two of you that stopped by so her name is offically Joyeaux Noel :)

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Wishing Star Angel Blog Hop :)

Well here she is in all her finery, the Wishing Star Angel creator of which is Michelle Perkett. We are taking part in her Blog Hop today as part of a group found at

This is my card that i have coloured, glittered and put together, hope you like it. Along with making our card we were asked to make a Christmas Wish for someone other than our self. So my wish is for a collection of people. Those that are fighting for peace, the soldiers and their families who are most likely apart at the time of year you most want to be together. I wish them all PEACE, LOVE and HAPPINESS at this time and all year through :)

My son wanted to join in so this is his picture :)

I have enjoyed my short time being part of this group they are a great bunch of ladies and i hope you enjoy your visit and don't forget to hop on to visit the other participants. They are found below :-






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And the last stop is:Michelle Perkett Studio Challenge Blog!