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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Choc Chip Muffins (with the choc chips lol)

So once again when browsing the blogs i follow i found this recipe over at Bakerella for Choc Choc Chip muffins. This recipe involved sour cream which to be honest i had no idea about and nor do i now either but i had a go. I got a recipe book out which gave me some idea about converting cups into grams. I do have cups but 'cupping' marg or butter isn't easy and so i began. I have to say this followed a sponge which i shall be jamming and creaming in the not too distant future so it's been a baking morning. Anyway the only way my recipe differs is that i didn't add any salt. Rarely do i add salt because i nearly always use butter (with salt), infact bar chips i hardly ever use salt on anything. Anyway i mixed up the ingredients as directed and popped them in the oven, tick tock, tick tock...

I have to admit they do look pretty tasty and yes i manage 12 i believe it was in muffin cases (bigger than the usual cup case anyway) and once I'd finished my lunch i tried one...Wow i will definitely be making these again and I'm hoping as they have choc chips in my son will happily eat then too, fingers crossed. Thumbs up from me :)

I am linking up for the second week running over at A Spoonful of Sugar for Weekend Baking :) Don't forget to stop by and see what your inspired by :)

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Choc Chip Oat Slice

So while perusing my favourite blogs this morning i came across this post for Choc Chip Oat Slices. I scanned the ingredients and realised that within reason i had most of them and thought I'd give it ago. Now the important bit that i was lacking was the choc chips but hey we can get by without them, better with but beggars can't be choosers. I also didn't have enough coconut but thought i would use up whatever i had left but due to having to leave the house before i baked them that got forgotten. Anyway i made them and they look yummy and if they are as yummy as they look i will make them again WITH choc chips and coconut :)

Hope your Sunday is going well :)

Monday, 8 August 2011

Just a little something...

Here's a little something i whipped up yesterday. I enjoyed the results from the last canvas i did so i was looking forward to trying another one. I couldn't resist using my Owl stamp and combining it with the tree stamp that came free with Simply Homemade and i think the combination works well and with a bit of distressing here and there voila. This is a present for a friend of mine, her birthday has already been and gone, a bit like mine which was a week ago today, time really does fly by but i hope to get it to her before too long. I am taking part in Jennies Craft-o-manic Monday where there are lot of other creative folk sharing there creations so don't forget to stop by and see what they've all been up to :) Happy Monday :)

Friday, 5 August 2011

Garden Candle Jar

It's amazing what you can achieve even with your son home on holiday. I started this on Wednesday and then got side tracked with my Home canvas that i posted about yesterday. Anyway today i was determined to finish this so i can start on the other canvas. I made this with the garden in mind. The evening is already drawing in and so this might be a good time to try and sit out in the evening while we still have some warm weather to sit in. There are quite a few things in the garden that need lighting up including a wire star i bought recently at a car boot so here's to it, joined by a glass of wine too :)

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Birthday celebrations and creations :)

Gosh how the time flies almost the end of another week. Well my week got off to a great start with it being my birthday on Monday. We spent the day in Stratford and on arrival it was pretty hot and humid and i was thinking how was i gonna survive but the heat let up a bit and the breeze kicked in a little which eased things. It was just a leisurely wander round after having something to eat and our usual visit to the Christmas shop. Yes on the 1st August on a hot summers day we were admiring Christmas trees and deccies :)

 I had a cake this year too and boy was it a cake and a half.

 Here is is

It's rare that i get a cake and mostly it's because i baked it but this year my hubby really excelled when he got this ordered. You know me and Owls, it's nearly gone now which is just as well really lol.

I had some lovely gifts including flowers, wine, baking book, little handmade felt owl, candle making kit, toiletries, Owl ornament for the garden and last month hubby treated me to some new clothes although typically i still had nothing to wear to a wedding reception this last weekend lol.

This is now the second week of the holiday and hubby went back to work yesterday. I have found a little creative time regardless of my son being home which is nice. Here is today's creation

This was a white blank canvas that i distressed and then built upon the paper pieced home. I like how it turned out and am looking forward to the next one :)

Oh yes and creations of another kind. Having rifled through my sisters Slimming World recipes i couldn't help having a go at a few and this i made for a friends birthday.

Yoghurt Gingerbread (or my version lol)

Monday, 1 August 2011

Pinch Punch...

Well I'm writing this in advance as tomorrow will be a busy hopefully exciting day. Tomorrow is the 1st August, my 39th birthday. Yes I'm working my way backwards now lol. Tomorrow is also the new challenge over at CCAYR and the first month that you will see my cards as part of the new DT. The challenge for August is to use four of the following on your cards.

Hand stitching
Textured paper (embossed is good!)
Metal embellishments
Alphabet stickers or rub-ons for the sentiment

I did struggle a little with this but not because i didn't know which to do more to do with the fact that i decided to use black and white as my theme for this set of cards but with a little help from my dear friend Georgina i got there. I hope you like my cards. Check them out tomorrow :)

Here are a few more creations i had time for this month :)

This card and the one below it i made during a craft evening with Tina of Stampin Up. This is only the second time i have joined Tina and some other ladies for a card making evening but it's always very enjoyable and has given me an insight into the SU products. You can check out her blog at Crafting at the little white house :)

This card and the one below have both been made using the free templates that came with Simply Homemade my favourite crafting magazine. I love the way these cupcakes turned out and yes I'm still distressing lol the novelty hasn't yet worn out. The top card was well received by a good friend of mine and the second cupcake will probably arrive with another good friend tomorrow in time for her birthday on Tuesday. Happy Birthday to Georgina and Jo :)

Well i should be in Stratford tomorrow as it's my birthday too. We are hoping to picnic and hubby has something up his sleevy so time will tell. Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts and ttfn :)