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Friday, 25 March 2011

Fairy Helebores

So today i started out dropping my son off at school and then on to his fairy godmothers house to cut her hair. She is a good friend and we could talk for England and envariably do. When i had finished cutting her hair and putting the world to rights she treated me to some Reiki. It was bliss to chill out and be pampered. Eventually the time came to up and adam and home again. Arriving home just before lunch time having been out all morning left me feeling at a loss to know what to do next. Lunch at the end of a shopping month isn't very inspiring so i swapped lunch for mowing the lawn. It's the first time this year and we have had a lovely week i hope it continues for Laura over at A Place for Tea when she arrives next week. She inspired this post with her Friday Flower Post. This fairy had been labelled for the car boot (in my head that is) then i thought oh maybe i'll take her to Glenny's (fairy godmother) for her fairy garden. Then i thought there is no place she would rather be than underneath the droopy but beautiful heads of the helebores the only thing that has a flower in the garden. So here she will reside and the garden well there is still plenty to be done but i'm pleased to have got the grass trimmed back :)

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Spring is sprung

So at the weekend i managed a trip to Hobbycraft whilst we were over at my mother-in-laws. I picked up a polystyrene wreath and some eggs. I set to work as soon as was possible sticking torn lilac tissue paper to the wreath, it took a few coats but got there eventually and i like the dark and shade created by the over lapping of the paper. Then i thought everything was going to come to a standstill. The eggs are quite large and were hanging from ribbon but i removed that and glued them with my glue gun. The soft lilac birdie was one i made a while ago who had been nestled in with my lavender. I recycled the two butterflies, they were pocked into a plant pot downstairs having come with flower arrangements. Then i tweaked with some pipe cleaners and glued some smaller butterflies to some short pipe cleaners and added some beaded pins through the button holes on the flowers buttons and voila. I'm pretty pleased with that :)

March Challenge

Ok so here are my five challenge cards for the month of March. The challenge this month was...

'Since March is the 3rd month, we'll be working in threes! Your cards needs 3 patterned papers and 3 brads, eyelets or gems. You may add other embellishments, a sentiment, card stock, etc as well.'

I enjoyed paper piecing these Robins, and distressing them. Plenty of scope within the requirements. Added all sorts of little gems to them to emphasize their speckled belly's, i know it's thrush's that have speckled bellies but so did one or two of my robins care of the papers. You can check out the other submissions for this challenge over at Christmas Cards All Year Round :)

Friday, 11 March 2011

May Luck be with You

Ok so i know a little more about St Patricks Day now than i might have before. Strange how many little celebrations come and go and we either don't celebrate them or are not even sure why we celebrate them. I don't celebrate St Patricks Day, I am not Irish but i appreciate now that it's not just the Irish that do.Anyway i got asked to write for a St Patricks Day ecard over at BirthdayAlarm.com and you can find it here May Luck be with You Hope you like it :)