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Friday, 28 March 2008

Ovary and Done

Well I've been out of hospital three weeks tomorrow, it's gone surprisingly quick.This has to have been one of the most worrying times of my life.

I went in to have an ovarian, Dermoid cyst removed from my left ovary with the possibility of loosing my left ovary. I guess this was to be a fairly routine op but for some reason i was really worried, not so much about the op but the anesthetic. I guess my biggest fear was not coming round from it for whatever reason. I had been worrying about it since i was first informed about it in the run up to Christmas but basically told to go home and not worry about it.

So the 5th March came and i needed to be at the hospital for 11.30. I was told that my husband wouldn't be able to stay with me or be there when i came round, encouraging! I was the last one on the list and so had even longer to worry about it.

I agreed to have a pre-med in the hopes that it would help, not sure that it did. Jason, fortunately stayed with me until i went down which was after 4 from what i remember.

The anesthetist asked me on my arrival whether the pre-med had helped, i wasn't sure. I was still worried. We (the anesthetist and some other overalls) discussed the state of my dry hands while they tried to find a vein. Eventually they managed to hook me up and gave me the mask and told me to breath deeply, it was a warm and wobbly sensation and i guess i was gone.

Don't remember much else, vaguely remember seeing two girls around me but must have gone back to sleep. Don't even remember coming round as such. Just remember being in a different room amongst strangers one of which was sitting very relaxed in the corner reading a magazine. I was very uncomfortable.

As it turns out i had two cysts removed, one on either side and kept my ovary. I gather they couldn't get to one via key hole so they had to go through my c section scar which is why i was in so much pain.

I ended up being in almost four day's in all due to i guess it not being so routine. It was hard being away from home and even harder being away from Brett and hoping he would understand.

So as i say three weeks have been and gone. I've recovered, i feel surprisingly quickly although my stomach or digestive system is still recovering but that's anti-biotics for you. I am very glad to be here although it's been hard taking it easy with an active two year old.

Still waiting for my dissolvable stitches to dissolve!!! Onwards and upwards from here on in,. Life has been on hold for one reason or another for long enough.