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Friday, 24 April 2009

Opinions please - do you don't you?

Ok ladies, i am popping these up briefly as i'm off to collect my son from nursery but i would love your opinions. I have made these purely as decorations at the moment to decorate whatever nook or cranny or twigs or trees you would wish to adorn with them. Let me know if you like them, i am full of ideas so the sky's the limit but you have to start somewhere :-)

Monday, 20 April 2009

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Can you tell what is it yet?

Ok this was an interesting find, well for me anyway, i like things that are unusual. So this is my first use for this fresh green bag from Ikea...

This bag has been planted up with quite a few crocus which won't flower till next spring if they flower at all, unfortunately i have had them for quite a while so not sure that they will produce. Also some Chinese Lanterns which aren't supposed to show themselves till the back end of the year.On show are Night Scented Stocks and the purple ones above i can't remember. Hopefully later in the year it will be a nice pot of flora and fauna :-)

So when we went to Ikea at the weekend i couldn't resist picking up another one in pink and decided today to use this in the bathroom to add to the pink and keep all the toilet rolls and baby wipes tidy and in one place. I'm sure their are many uses for these lovely bags and at only £2.00 they are a bargain. They would be great for knitters for balls of wool, storing towels, and many other things...

Friday, 17 April 2009


Meet Whoot, i rescued him from Coombe Country Park on Tuesday when i took my son and met up with a friend and her daughter. We had a Whoot lol but poor old Whoot lost his hooter so was put to one side, i couldn't leave him all alone now could i?

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Fairy Assortment

I thought having seen into one or two peoples space i would share some snippets of mine. As most of you know i am a big fairy fan and now a little taken with owls. Below is a card i recently picked up at a farm shop, i was so taken with this peice entitled 'Things are not always as they seem' by Kitty Herridge, there are elves, gnomes, a cat, robin :-)and a large owl watching over the 'Entrance to the Secret Garden' couldn't help myself. The card at the back is by Jennifer L Nilsson who some of you may have come across, appropriately named 'Atop the garden wall' I love her work and bought several of her ACEO's two of which i gave away on mothers day.

The following are all part of a boxed unit with different fairy arrangements in it.

The dragon fly pot nearest the front of the box below is a peice of Jennifer Kirks from QVC i love her fairy jewellery and have several peices of that too!

The box below contains two tiny angels that i bought at the car boot on Monday, couldn't resist adding them to my collection.

There are one or two mini cards that i was given during an 'Angel day' the mini card in the fairy's lap says 'Consistency' i try to remain consistent but it isn't always easy. The other card says 'Angels love you for being you'

Jeneus Owl

This is my latest Owl, i didn't realise i had found so many templates, i have quite a collection now. I used my jeans for this one, yes you heard me right my jeans. My newest and most worn pair as unfortunately i have out grown most of my other pairs wore away so i have cut them up to make this owl. I have called him Jeneus for obvious reasons lol!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Car Booty

As you can tell lately it is quicker to add pictures than write, there seems to be so much going on so i snatch odd bits of time to do things. This lovely fairy burner i bought at the car boot on Monday, another bargain at only £1.50 i thought it was too nice to use and i hate cleaning them but have already had her wafting lavender round the kitchen. I do love a car boot and finding a bargain.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Charm Owl - Twit Twoo

This is my new Owl, Charm I've called him as in three times a...
The template for this owl was found thanks to Anna Maria Homer of http://annamariahorner.blogspot.com/2006/12/its-hoot.html it was nice to be able to try something different and I'm pleased with the results so thanks to Anna, hope you like him.
Happy Easter.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Heart of the Matter

Meet the Felt family, from left rear Cando Owl and next to him Brownie Owl. Cando Owl was my first try at felt craft and Brownie made from a template i have used previously with patterned paper. Across the front row are the heart i made today with a view to making Christmas decorations and possibly lavender scented hearts. My first Easter egg, my Easter Chick and my second more fiddly Easter egg. I have found this so addictive this last couple of weeks and am constantly looking for templates so watch this space.