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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A New Post!

Yes you're eyes are not deceiving you, i am finally taking a moment to post. It's the summer hols and to be honest it's hard to get anything done with very little freedom but what with all the inspiration that confronts me on Pintrest one of my 'likes' got the better of me today.

I loved these flowers at A Blog Called Wanda  having seen them on Pintrest and with my love for my vintage music sheets and all things distressed had to have a go. I have also seen some wonderful tags so i combined the two and made a Vintage Flower Tag and then designed a card around it, plus as i punched enough shapes i did two and this resulted in two cards. One of which is for my sister-in-law for her 40th tomorrow.

So enough talking here they are

I hope you like them, I'm sure I'll be making more of these flowers now I've had a go and they are so simple.

Hope the summer is treating you all well, i know that some of you are itching to get the pumpkins out and i guess Halloween isn't that far away either, the time just whizzes by in craftland. Ttfn :)

Monday, 4 June 2012

Jubilee Creations

This is a sneek peek at my Jubilee inspired creations. Details to follow.....

Friday, 18 May 2012

Sometimes i surprise myself

It's really high time i had more faith in ME.

For the last couple of weeks I've had the urge to write. Now those of you that know me know i have many creative urges and mostly it's a juggling act knowing which to give time to but today i found time to get stuff done round the house and then time to read something i wrote quite some time ago. This story like alot of other pieces is unfinished and it's time i gave it some attention so after requesting my mum sent me a copy as she recently backed up my PC and i am now using a borrowed tower to get online i sat and read it.

I wonder how many writers like what they write. I was once told or read that you need to sit on a bus and listen to children talking to be able to write for them but for me writing is all about escapism. After all J K Rowling never sat and heard children talking about Harry Potter and his Chamber of Secrets I'm sure. So i read through what i have written so far and ok so their my thoughts but if i had written this and someone had bought it for me as a kid i would love it and i love it now, infact elements of it are so applicable for NOW!

So i am on a mission to step inside Whisteria once again and see where it takes me. In the mean time i just wrote this little poem.

'Life is what you make it
Someone once said (me in a previous poem!)
Unbeknown to her
There was truth in what she said.
Be careful what you wish for
for the universe will deliver.
Make your thoughts good ones
for they will be with you forever.

'Thoughts become things'

Kerridwen Niner 18/5/12

Monday, 26 March 2012


Well anyone would think i had nothing to Show and Tell lol but it's more a case that i just haven't. I have been toying with the idea of finishing blogging because well you wonder if anyone stops by and reads what you have to say. I know i have been at this a while now and have 40 followers but we all have stuff going on and our own blogs to keep up with so....

Anyway i had a busy weekend, well Sunday morning really baking and making and here is a little of what cam about....

Here are my Tangy Lemon Slices, which i have made before but haven't since and in a bid to choose some baking favourites made again. From what i recall the last time i thought it was way too lemony so i reduced the mls of lemon to 100ml from 125ml but i used lemon out of a bottle whereas the last time i suspect it was fresh. So having reduced it my palette is telling me it's not lemony enough lol so next time i think I'll go for 100ml of fresh lemon juice and see if that works better.

Next on my agenda were some Choc Chip Cookies....

These are some of my favourite cookies and are a spin off of Lorraine Pascals Choc Chip Cookies. If you have her book follow the recipe but i swapped brown sugar for golden caster, milk choc chips for white choc chips and 30g of cocoa for 30g of vanilla pudding (instant whip/custard powder) and added 30g of toasted coconut, they are scrummy delish :)

Also on my to do list was to try making some scrub...hand or body so i adopted a recipe from Local Kitchen I followed her recipe for Lavender Sea Salt scrub BUT i switched sea salt for caster sugar as it was finer, added the same amount of Lavender essential oil because i had it in the house, used grapeseed oil (same quantity) as grapeseed was always suggested as a carrier oil for essential oils when i did an aromatherapy course, added some lavender buds because, yes i have a whole bag load of them from a while back. I mixed it as suggested and left it to settle while the jar sterilised in the oven. I am no expert and have scoured lots of sites for different mixtures and read some comments about bacteria in the jars, i am using a measure (baking type) to scoop out my scrub so i don't put my hands in and plan on enjoying it rather than leaving it on the shelf and so far i love the way it looks, smells and feels so fingers crossed. I shall be experimenting with other ideas and hope that by Christmas i have it well and truly sussed and will add it to my present ideas list :)

So what did your weekend consist of? Please say hi and share your thoughts :)

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Marmalade Choc Chip Pudding

Wow i don't know how long I've had this recipe sheet but by golly i will be making it again, real soon. Quick, easy and delicious. The only reason i didn't photograph mine was because my brioche was kinda underneath the custard but the next time i may jiggle it about. Well worth a go...

6 Plain chocolate brioche
Belgian Chocolate

Cut the brioche in half and spread each side with marmalade, the recipe calls for taste the difference Valencia orange marmalade but i used Asdas basic  marmalade. Add 15ml of custard to the bottom of the baking dish (the recipe requires a 1ltr dish) i used what i have. Lady the brioche 'arranging so they stay upright' this bit threw me! Pour over remaining custard (150ml) and sprinkle with grated dark chocolate. Cook in pre-heated oven at 180 oc gas 4 for 20mins. Yum!

Monday, 30 January 2012

Loveheart Shortbread

So, wow nearly the end of January, the time continues to tick away. Anyone would think i have nothing to share but i have been busy behind the blog lol. So today i made Mary Berries shortbread, it was infact her ginger shortbread but as i couldn't find any ginger and had already been inspired by a friend to dip it i went down the Valentines route. I omitted both lots of ginger but added 1/2tsp of Vanilla and then cut them out with a heart shaped cutter and later when they cooled i melted some white chocolate and strawberry chocolate and iced the top of some of them with it. I have yet to taste one but am very much looking forward to trying it :) and so starts my inspired month of hearts and love :)

I maybe back later to share some more creations with you :)

Friday, 6 January 2012

Art Journal Challenge

So when perusing my favourite blogs i came across this post where one of my fellow (past) DT members was joining an Art Journal Challenge. Of course i got the bit between my teeth and both me and my son got stuck in. The challenge was BUILDINGS. So down we sat at the back end of the holiday and this is what we came up with. Brett wasted no time, he's only well Six today but five then lol. Mine is not quite complete but for fear of time slipping away from me i am posting now :)

I am looking forward to the next one, why not stop by and see what shakes :)

You can find the challenge over at the Craft Barn