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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Blame it on the Weatherman

So the great British weather was my inspiration for this drawing on Tuesday after being woken like many in the early hours of Tuesday morning by rain, thunder and lightening. I know that god was playing his drum kit and so this followed. My son drew more cartoon characters, no surprise there then lol and since then we've had a day off from drawing and today has been all about food shopping, exciting stuff but one thing i will say is that so far, so good, it's been quite pleasurable :) You?

These came about yesterday after seeing this inspiration doyoumindifiknit it's taken some doing to get to grips with crocheting but progress has been made and for that I'm grateful :) Not sure where I'm going with them yet but I'll keep going, it's all good practise and I'm using up odds and sods of wool.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Creative Time

So here we are at the start of the 'Summer' holidays. A time i dread to some extent but i have a list of 'creative' ideas of one sort or another so I'm hoping that helps. The weather has been stinking hot which is never my cup of tea so suddenly the idea of spending time at the park in this heat is pretty off putting. So far bar the weekend we have had two days spent at home. Yesterday we largely spent all day at home bar a walk into town to get some necessities.

I found a list of creative prompts on Pintrest 25 Days of Drawing and Journalling and i thought they would be a good source of ideas should we need them so yesterday i put it to my son and he was quite enthused. He went with 'Favourite Cartoon Character' and what followed was an abundance of drawings.

Here are just a few of them and not the first one he did lol

I went with 'A Colourful Bird' and of course this is what followed....

I introduced Brett to my watercolour pencils which he attempted to treat his crayons the same but as i explained water only works with my 'special' pencils and certainly not with crayons. All in all it was a most enjoyable bit of time.

Later in the afternoon he spent a short time in 'his' new paddling pool, recently acquired second hand from a friend, a good size for our 7yr old and perfect for warm days although i did peg his towel either side of the washing line in order to try and create a little shade. Sometimes the most insignificant things can be a great source of amusement if only for a short time and time spent together is of course 'priceless' :)

Monday, 8 July 2013

Whats it all about - Life?

So the other week my nephew who had just turned 16 that day said 'what's it all about, life? or words to that effect. What do you say to a 16 year old who is just starting out............

Life is a funny old game and i don't mean ha ha. In a nutshell this is how i see it. We spend our lives as kids wanting to be 'grown up' do 'grown up things' being a grown up involves having a job, earning our own money, having a boyfriend/girlfriend, getting married, having a house and kids in which ever order it comes to you. BUT having a job and keeping a job is a juggling act, whether you loose you're job through means beyond you're control or you give up work to have a child. Keeping a marriage alive is a tricky one to as in time it seems you go through the motions as we have just been discussing at home. My husband goes to work, i stay home and clean the house and my son goes to school. Every now and again and only then due to financial restrictions we do something different to break up the monotony of it all. Running a house, being a husband/wife/mother/father is hard work, being the bread winner is hard work, doing the right thing by your kids is hard work and this is what we spend our childhoods wishing to do. Explain that one to me!

So what is it all about? We are in control of our own destiny is what i see/read quite regularly, i have been 'searching' for that ideal job that fits round school and the holidays that follow. I was a mobile hairdresser but have lost interest and confidence in my ability to do that plus I'd quite like to be employed so i don't have to worry about paper work and the like. I have applied for dog walking, dinner ladies, cleaning, store assistant and yet no joy. I have done a bit of cleaning for a friend of a friend but alas after a year or so that came to an end. I offered my services to a baking company which for a few weeks kept things ticking over but increased the stress in my life no end, no training to mention and lots of very un business like behaviour. Marriage has been a roller coaster of 'stuff' some of which has been easier to get through than others but we are still married atleast unlike so many of my friends who have sadly parted ways with their partners. Issues at school have been an ongoing burden for what seems like the entire length of this school year and then it's no wonder that everything gets you down. I am not a negative person i do try to see the good and be grateful for everything that i have but at the end of the day I'm just doing the best i can one day at a time. I dont' have all the answers things would be so much easier if i did. So what are your thoughts on Life?