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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

'Do Nothing: it's good for you' - Positively Pooh Coffee Companion

Learning to relax and sit back is an art in itself. Having a child and having suffered from PND or whatever combination you wish to call it I learnt to take time out for me. I have gone from being obsessed with doing to trying to alternate my days, housework, something I’d like to do.

Religiously I have taken 20 minutes or so each and every day to listen to a self-hypnosis tape. When Brett goes to bed the phones go off and the tape goes on. In order to stay sane and get on with the day-to-day tasks I have found this to be a godsend. My plan like any habit is to drop it even if it’s only alternate days to see if I can get by without my ‘fix’ today is one of those days!

So my message for today and the coming year is to take time out for the things you enjoy. Reading, writing, creating, cooking or just sitting quietly with a cuppa.
Here’s to 2009 and all it may bring :-)

Monday, 22 December 2008

Christmas Day

An anticlimax
some might say.
When it finally gets
to Christmas day.
In the blink of the eye
its over and done.
All our hard work
been and gone.
Presents wrapped.
Food aplenty.
Stomachs full.
Purses empty.
Nothing to do.
Nowhere to go.
Time to chill out
and avoid the snow.
Looking back.
It’s always fun.
But in the blink of the eye
it’s over and done.

Kerridwen Jeffery

A Very Merry Christmas

I am just taking this opportunity to wish all my family and friends, fellow bloggers and visitors a Very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2009. Hope you all have a fabulous time with plenty of food, laughs and rest.I hoped to get another entry up before the big day but in all honesty it probably isn't going to happen.

Michelle, Senta, Fannie, Alicia, i award you the most fun and supportive of my fellow bloggers and when i get time i will make up a little award that you can add to your blog should you so wish :-) Michelle i hope you get your little package slip through the door before your big day, hope you have a Happy Birthday my friend x

Friday, 12 December 2008

Christmas Time

Christmas is that time of year.
That brings with it a wealth of cheer.
Fires glowing all around,
as the snow falls on the ground.
Presents wrapped under the tree.
Are they for you, or are they for me?
Close your eyes and keep them tight,
as the magic of Christmas appears through the night.
One thing I ask you not to forget.
There wasn’t a single room to let.
In a stable there they found,
a baby boy lay on the ground.
So when you’re counting down the days.
Don’t let the true meaning of Christmas fade.
As you open that very last door,
who knows what this Christmas holds in store.

Kerridwen Jeffery.

My Lucky Day

Oh my, Wednesday must have been my lucky day. There I was sitting at my PC and looking at the blog updates on my blog. I clicked on Imagine, Create, Inspire and was looking at the winners of Fannies recent giveaways. I got right down to the bottom of the list and there I was FOTF (Friendofthefaries for those that don’t know!).

I won ‘Reach’ original ACEO collage by Nancy Lefko, it is a lovely star. I am chuffed to bits you made my day again Fannie :-)

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Christmas Wish

If I had a wish for Christmas.
It would be to turn back time.
When children believed in Santa Claus,
and the day’s of Auld Lang Sine.
When snow fell like a blanket,
creating a winter wonderland.
And the melodic tunes of this festive time.
Were created by the band.
When the fairy in all her glory,
stood proud at the top of the tree.
And kept watch over all the presents,
that lay in wait for you and me.
A magical time spent with loved one.
Everyone happy and gay.
As we celebrate the birth of Jesus.
On this his special day.
But things have changed a bit
now you will see.
Although the memories
have not escaped me.
Perhaps if we try a bit harder.
We can make it a reality.

K. Jeffery
I wrote this sometime ago along with several others about Christmas, you can tell it's my favourite time of year. Enjoy.


Do you believe in fate or karma, what we give out we get back?
I have my moments but the last week or so I have been observing the signs!
For some while now my life has been topsy-turvy to say the least. I have moments of ‘Happiness’ like when the snow came unexpectedly a few weeks back but mostly I just muddle along trying to put things in order. In my life, my marriage, my home. Of late things have been harder than ever and I have felt at a complete loss as to know how to fix things.

So a week ago today my husband and I dropped Brett at nursery having changed his day and went to Coventry Christmas shopping. We met my mother-in-law and enjoyed our few hours cut short by my impending indulgence evening. That day we got on and got some things done. My signs for the day were that having been in close proximity to ladies with babies and been quite teary something is still tucked away regarding the loss of time spent with my baby when he was younger. My PTSD/PND and OCD took that time away from us. Having held my friends baby recently I don’t thing I actually want another baby. My bonus for the morning was buying a book for my niece and using the points I had collected which paid for all but a £1.

The weekend was enjoyable. We were out with friends, the ladies and gentlemen that we met when we all had our children. 3 years on us ladies still meet and our Christmas get together was husbands too. We did secret Santa and one of the ladies got us a voucher for the cinema with a baby-sitting offer thrown in, a very thoughtful gift. Sunday was spent with family as my mother and father-in-law are off to see my sister-in-law in New Zealand for the next 2/3 months. We will miss them.

On Monday I walked my son to nursery, it was really cold but somehow refreshing. I felt quite positive and Christmas was on my mind. It was such a pleasant feeling. Brett was well behaved all day!

Typically as I write this I can’t remember all the signs that came my way this week. I treated myself to a bottle of mulled wine and mince pies at Marks and Spencers with a voucher I was given almost exactly 3 years ago. By the end of Monday one of my fellow bloggers had given me an award for my blog, thank you Fannie J you can see (I hope) where I am going with this. I was really thinking someone or something; maybe even ME is giving me/us a break. I found myself saying hello or making polite chitchat with people I don’t know. Mum commented yesterday during shopping at the amount of people Brett had made smile with his entertaining personality. Anyway I could go on but I hope by now some of my signs have rubbed off or atleast made you look or to be more precise OBSERVE the signs, they are all around you and there for the taking :-)