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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Colour Power, Crystals and Numerology

Here we are again, i have just been looking at Numerology and Colour at www.colourpower.co.uk and once again the number 8 showed itself to be of importance to me. Message received and understood. Go take a look and see what messages you get.

Life Path 8 – Colour Violet THE SEEKER Life lessonsTo have faith and trust in yourself.To balance the material and spiritual.To show love and affection freely.To set realistic goals and find new paths.
Crystals to help you follow your life path and the lessons it brings are all the Violet ones and crystals which vibrate to number 8.
These are; Lepidolite, Selenite, Celestite, Red calcite, Yellow Jasper, Mookaite, Snowflake Obsidian, Afghan Diamond, Tigers Iron, Serpentine, Beryl, Stibnite, Mother of Pearl, Jet and Dioptase.

Number 8 – Violet The Violet personality is calm, sensitive, inventive, idealistic and visionary with an air of authority. They have stamina and focus even in the most difficult of times. They are deep thinkers, dreamers, perfectionists and have a good sense of fair play making them protective and dependable friends to have. They need to be careful to have a balanced attitude to money or they tend to become workaholics.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Magic Moments

I'm going to pop this in briefly and then when i get a mo i'll expand on it.

Today i had a lovely little Robin come and eat out of the palm of my hand, it should have been Bretts hand but it became mine and down he/she flew, brief but very special :-)

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Twit Twoo - St Valentines Day Giveaway

Well it's nearly here and i have spent the last couple of afternoons while Brett is asleep making the above card for my husband. I made one using the owl template some time ago and quite liked the end result and so have gone back to it a few times. I must admit the scan doesn't really do the card any justice but you get the gist of it. The pink 'cute' one below is the second of my owl family and as yet doesn't have a home. Will it be winging its way to you?

To have my 'cute' owl find it's way to your house leave me a comment and if you're the winner i will post her out to you. Tell me how you will be celebrating St Valentines Day.Good Luck :-)

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Collage - Work in progress

Not sure what spurred me on to do this but each year i keep my Christmas cards with a view to doing something with them, in the past it was the predictable lets cut them out and use them for tags. Last year i had a go at recycling memories by making up a boxed card which is the small one above. So i thought I'd use them for a collage and i have grouped my cards into themes and this is my starting point. Not quite sure where i am going with this yet. The two front pieces aren't yet mounted but the main collage at the back is complete. There are a couple of pieces that are mounted away from the background with silicone glue and there is still room within the frame to maybe add something else but i want to be sure what before i take the glass out and clean it. I would really like to spray the outside frame and distress it but sometimes i take things too far and they become a bind but we'll see where it goes. Be interested in your opinions or suggestions...

Friday, 6 February 2009

Time - Illustration Friday

A moment of quiet,
time to reflect.
Put pen to paper,
time not to neglect.

Thoughts that are fleeting,
grab them with glee.
Time for some quiet,
time just for me.

Time to put my feet up.
The sun beating down.
Time for a smile,
the warmth on my brow.
A moment of beauty,
a butterfly stops by.
Time to appreciate,
not let life pass you by.

A moment of quiet,
time to reflect.
Put pen to paper,
time not to neglect.

Thoughts that are fleeting,
grab them with glee.
Time for some quiet,
time for me.

Kerridwen Niner

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Box of Christmas Delights

I don’t know about you but as Christmas approaches there are something’s I want to be able to lay my hands on fairly quickly which isn’t always easy. So one of my plans for this year and by that I mean now, the start of the year was to get myself a box to store all those things together.

I had seen in Argos some Christmas storage boxes with compartments (removable) for placing ornaments in. These were quite expensive and also not to be found in the newest catalogue. By chance I found some very reasonable boxes in Dunheilm yesterday, they were in a couple of sizes the largest of which I thought not big enough for what I had already put to one side so I bought one of each. The smaller of the two contains most of my previously recorded Christmas films of which there are quite a few. There is nothing nicer that getting in the mood for Christmas in the months leading up to Christmas. The larger of the boxes contains Christmas cards I bought for me and Brett in the sales, gift tags, Christmas CD’s and old but much loved tapes, a lovely felt envelope that one of my friends made which contains the letter Brett wrote to Santa and Santa’s reply. Some photo cards also bought in the sales, replacement bulbs which most likely fit lights no longer in our possession J and the remains of the paper chains made by Brett and I this Christmas. There will no doubt be one or two more things added and possibly further boxes to keep special cards made by my son and crafty friends but most of all I look forward to keeping my box of delights accessible for when that time of year approaches once again.

What would you put in your box of Christmas Delights?