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Saturday, 22 May 2010

A bit of sunshine for my blog and some to share with you :)

This lovely award was awarded to me by my new friend Clare who i met over at PCP. It's kinda rare that i get to meet bloggers or crafty friends from this side of the pond but Clare is.Thank you Clare for sharing.

The rules of this blog award are to link to the person who gave it to you and to pass it on to 12 other people. I must admit in my time blogging i have met such alot of great people so to pick twelve is going to be hard. Here goes.

Pretty much all the friends that this award goes out to do such lovely creative works of one kind or another and i am so grateful that i share just a little part of their worlds.

Michelle of Enchanted Inspirations

Lisa of Lisa Lectura Creations

Kathy of Kathy Hare Illustrations

Betty of Pinkglitterfae Art

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Carolle of  Musings from Behind the Easel

Karen of  Moonlight and Hares

Rowena of Craftypagan Designs

Senta of As i was saying

Paula of Pollycraft Monday

Alicia of My place over the hill

and Paulette of Beedeebabee

Sunday, 16 May 2010

You CAN Heal your life :)

Good morning everyone. How is your weekend going so far?

Thought i would tell you a bit about some of my favourite reads. I'm not a big reader because for one reason or another i have a severe lack of concentration particularly when i go to bed because in the main I'm tired and want  to go to sleep.

This book was recommended to me by a very good friend of mine who treated me during various lows in recent years. She is a Reiki master and now my sons Fairy godmother. She suggested this book by Louise L Hay and within a short space of time i bought a box set and set about reading it. It made such an impact that if i had the money i would have bought everyone a copy. I have spent the years since reading it and recommending it to all sorts of people for all sorts of reasons and still do. Louise's philosophy is that dis-ease is brought on by various emotional events that happen in our lives and the anger, resentment, upset whatever it is causes the dis-ease to manifest. By dealing with or changing our thought patterns we can dissolve the cause/end result and heal ourselves. I appreciate this sounds very simple and i may not have described it very well and might take some doing but it is worth thinking about. Whilst anger is a natural response to many things in the end what is the point. It changes our whole being to be angry and its no fun. I am definitely in  a place where i give great consideration to the thoughts that enter my mind now and my priorities have changed particularly having overcome PND and OCD. There are so many things that are more important in life and enjoying the things you do is one of those things at the top of my list. I love my family and my friends, some of which I've never met. I love my hobbies and find there aren't enough hours in the day to do all that i would want to.

Please if you get the chance give it a read. Louise has many books and Cd's they are all worth a look at and remember thoughts become things, make them good ones :)

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Pollycraft Christmas

I finished this card off this morning.Thanks to my friend Claire i coloured this Pollycraft stamp using felt-tips and a wet paint brush, quite enjoyed it too so thanks Claire.This stamp was in Paula's sale and i couldnt' resist it and so i made this using this weeks sketch challenge over at Pollycraft Monday challenge and also Christmas Cards All Year Round wanted flowers, buttons and ribbon. Well i managed two out of three the center of the felt flowers are red buttons. I love this little stamp and already have quite a few copies of her and will be making up a few of these and getting a head start on my Christmas cards :)

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Frosty Candle Jar

My Frosty Candle Jar. This i also picked up at the car boot. It's just a plain glass vase, small at that so you couldn't put flowers in it. So i spent this morning decorating it with the handmade paper which i pulled all the edges off and glittered. I then cut out some sparkly blue peel offs and added them to some white handmade paper and cut them out and applied them randomly with silicone glue and added some smaller ones directly to the vase so some are raised and some flat. I have to say i stood and went WOW. I hope that doesn't make me sound big headed just i love sparkle, i love Christmas and i love that i turned something plain and boring into something so pretty :)

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Alice Candle Jar

Well this is today's creation. I got this jar at the car boot on Sunday so i am still doing my bit for recycling. It is all clean :) I coloured up Michelle Perketts Alice digital stamp found here. I used the handmade paper only this time i painted it half with grass and half with sky before mounting the digital stamp on the front quarter. I embellished the remaining quarters with trees, birds, butterflies and flowers and finished the back off with some  coordinating flowers.

I am entering this in Challenge 28 at Michelle Perketts SDC Challenge Blog, the main theme for this weeks challenge is Mothers Day which of course here in the UK has already been and gone but is this coming weekend in the States. I am also entering this in Pollycraft Monday Challenge, challenge 42 theme is 'Here comes the sun' and i think this fits in nicely :) Fun fun fun :)

Had to add this, took this photo just now, nowhere near dark but much darker than earlier when i photographed them and so you can see much more glow now. So pretty :)

Monday, 3 May 2010

And the winner is.....

no 15 Lisa of Lisa Lectura Creations.I numbered up everyones entries, three for those of you Fanning, following and twittering and then used Random.org to pull out the winner. Congratulations Lisa., please get in touch with me and then i can get your doodles posted off to you. Hope you like them :)