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Friday, 29 May 2009

Have wings will travel

While I'm thinking about it this is my 101st post, i had been watching out for no 100 and missed it till today so that's pretty good going and I'm still here lol.

I have lots of things in the pipeline including the item below, i set out putting these mini stockings together the other afternoon and the plan is to decorate the metal wreath with them once I've covered it with something. Never done anything like that before so hope it turns out ok when it's finished. Of course while i was doing it i thought what sweet little presents they would make for lots of my friends with children particularly if i could put the child's initial on it hence the letter sitting there, not sure i can pull that off yet so we'll see what happens.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Love is like a butterfly!

Ok that was just part of a programme song i used to watch but popped into my head when i went to fill in the title. On Tuesday we went to the Butterfly Farm in Stratford-upon-Avon. Have to say mum and i were very taken by the beautiful butterflies that were flying all around us and i was pleased to have got some lovely shots of them including this one that i just played around with using Paint Shop Pro. The reason for me experimenting was that Vistaprint were offering me a free bag with a photo of my choice but on arriving at the right page it was only free with one of their prints and a charge for my picture so i ended up ordering business cards and stick it notes for my new Etsy Store, check it out http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5669442

So i thought i would share my Butterfly picture with you as i think it's turned out rather nice :-)

Below that is me with my new fashion accessory complete with wings to fly away when it chooses lol, the butterfly stayed with me for quite some time during our visit but eventually took flight. Well worth a visit minus distracting child!

Monday, 18 May 2009

Join me in Saving our Planet

Ok ladies and gentlemen. Join me in helping to save our planet. By following the link and getting your own badge for your blog you can help to have 350 pounds of carbon offset in your name, the equivalent to turning off 100 light bulbs for a day, now wouldn't that be easy!

Now this is my bit of the challenge, my lucky number as some of you know is eight so i am hoping that eight of my favourite bloggers will follow the link and do their bit, now if eight of your friends also take part think how much we could hope to increase that 350 pounds worth of carbon, now i may have worked this out wrong but by my reckoning that would be in the region of 22750 but I'm not a whiz at maths so don't quote me on it. So what are you waiting for?

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Appliqued Bag and matching Pomander

Tda this is the start of my new business venture, she says optimistically lol. This is my first appliqued bag and matching pomander. The small pink hearts on the front of the bag have been stuffed to add dimension and the purple heart on the pomander has lavender in it so will freshen up your car, draws or whatever small space you add it too. I am starting an Etsy Store, as of today so will be listing this as my first items assuming one of my friends hasn't snapped it up already lol. Let me know what you think :-)

Friday, 1 May 2009

Happy May 1st

This picture is my sons Daffodil, or miniature one which has another name. Anyway they were kindly donated by Marie Curie Cancer last year and each of the children at nursery got to plant one and bring it home. It has just started to open up and mum took this yesterday and caught this little bug sitting on it. As you can see mum is very creative and this picture turned up in my inbox this morning showing his daffodil in close up, thanks mum.

Here below is all that Brett has on the go at the moment. At the rear is his Daffodil which is fully open today, to the left hand side are three sunflower seeds we planted coming on nicely, to the right is one of three pumpkin seeds, the only one to have sprouted but looks so healthy. I am so excited to see if we can grow our own pumpkins and then in the autumn we can carve it out for Halloween :-). Right at the front is the pot of seeds we brought home from nursery on Wednesday that also contains three more sunflower seeds. So i am going to be planting up another one of my green Ikea bags with all Brett's flowers, not the pumpkin as I'm told they spread so will have to think that one through. Later on i will post follow up pictures to show how the sunflowers came on and how tall they got and how his pumpkin does :-)

And while i think about it i thought i would mention my Magic Moment yesterday/. Singing 'Heal the World' by Michael Jackson, my son is a huge fan at 3 and we sang a couple of lines together which made my eyes water, as it is now. Magic :-)