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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Happy New Year

so here we are a new year, new start, new hopes and dreams.....

The reason i thought i'd post today is this, i try and bear in mind my thoughts, having read 'You Can Heal Your Life' by Louise L Hay i'm a great believer in thoughts becoming things. I've also read The Secret and try to keep in mind that the Universe hears my thoughts and delivers accordingly, some days this is easier than others BUT sometimes i see the signs and it makes me stop and think. So here are my signs.

Last week i mentioned to my husband that i might get our son a new school bag, the ones they had when they started school don't seem to be used so much in Year 3 the children seem to have adopted their own. I mentioned to to a friend at school and that was that. BUT on Sunday afternoon there came a knock at the door and my neighbours son handed me a bag, he said something about his mum and wondering if we would like it and i said thank you and came in. We don't speak to them much bar saying hi now and again but there it was a new bag for Brett. It's not what i would have gone out and bought but it serves the purpose and my son is perfectly happy with it :)

Last year in a moment of positivity i started a board with pictures on it of things i'd like. It was a bit of a non starter really as all it had on it all year was a picture of a chiminea, a solar toadstall type light, some topiary lights and some lights for decorating the garden. I removed them from the board in recent months as i needed it but the other day i came across them and one by one looked at the pictures. I bought my husband a 'fire pit' not quite a chiminea but some opinions about them didn't seem very encouraging so we went for a fire pit which as yet hasn't proved pleasurable but still, tick, my friend for my birthday bought me a toadstall planter, it's not quite a solar powered light but it still sits in our garden waiting to be planted and i love it, i have solar lights that add twinkle, the only thing that didn't materialise is the topiary lights, not for lack of trying. Do you see where i'm going with this....

Over the weekend my husband and i discussed the damp in our bedroom. Our house is rented and i said i would mention it to the landlord at the next opportunity and low and behold the very next morning he called me regarding something i mentioned before Christmas. This is not the first time this has happened, probably the fourth, bearing in mind he lives out of the country a large part of the year.

So it's interesting isn't it the things that come to you. This time last year i wrote in a book things we hoped to do this Christas (2013) they were things like, take a walk and admire the pretty lights, visit Milton Keynes to admire their festive displays and go see a panto, well we managed all three between us and it's not like i have referred back to that, infact it only seems like yesterday i wrote it all down, i have since added to that for this year.

Anyway take what you will from what i say but if the Universe is listening Thank You :)