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Sunday, 30 September 2007

To Tink or not to Tink?

So up till around seven years ago i had no body art unlike my husband who is well into double figures. Not long after we first met we went to Blackpool. I don't recall how much persuasion it took but i decided to have one done. I guess i must have chosen from the pictures on the wall. I had the Chinese symbols for love with a rose incorporated. My biggest fear was the pain.

Well it can't have hurt that much. During a rather dreadful second visit to Blackpool i chose to have another one. I wanted a fairy but none of the ones the shop had on show appealed to me. During our time in Blackpool i had worn my Tinkerbell t-shirt. The guy in the tattoo shop suggested copying the design. I thought that was a good idea and that is what we did. Yet again i thought how much is it going to hurt. It's a strange sensation, definitely uncomfortable but strangely familiar once you've been through it. In fact over the years I've likened it to childbirth although even now i haven't experienced that in the natural sense. That i am told is painful and yet it doesn't put anyone off, or not for long.

So i did Tink so to speak. She travels with me and sprinkles fairy dust on me when i need it lol! I don't feel the need to further embellish. My step daughter has asked me if i would have one to mark my sons arrival but i have a fairly big scar to carry with me. That said i did briefly debate decorating it but i think that may remain a thought, for now anyway...

Eye to Eye

Today we went to London. Jason, Jordan, Linzi, Brett and me. It was Jordan, Linzi and Brett's first visit. I have to be honest and say i wasn't all that fussed about going but it was quite a good day. I guess there were several highlights for Jordan and Linzi, one of which included our trip on the London Eye. Most of my time was spent keeping an eye on Brett who was quite content to move about and hang around at the doors. The signs 'Do not lean on the doors' made me slightly nervous but as we were fastened in i guess i worried unnecessarily.

I was quite amused by everyones interest in Buckingham Palace. After all from the outside it just looks like an over sized mansion. The statues however, everywhere you look someone is cast in stone or bronze. How on earth you they resurrect on the peaks of houses?

London itself got busier and busier, Regent Street and Oxford Street were heaving. I was quite taken with the idea of visiting Hamleys. With Brett now asleep it seemed like a good time. We skirted round the ground floor as it too was a hive of industry and Brett woke up before we finished so we decided not to bother with the other floors. The Disney Store was the highlight of my visit. Tinkerbell bags, cups, bits and pieces. I left with a couple of lovely Tinkerbell glasses.

All in all we found our way round quite easily and the only time we used public transport was to get us back to Victoria coach station and then we got off the bus too early!

It was a long day but Brett behaved pretty well considering and we were all more than ready for our beds by the time we got home. A good day was had by one and all.

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

No Matter What

I've just sat and read this short story to my son a second time. I borrowed it from the library. There have been quite a few that have really made an impression and this one is lovely. It is by Debi Gliori.

How would i describe it, well it has a slightly poetic form and basically Small a fox asks the question 'If i was a grizzly bear would you still love me, would you care?'. He asks the question many times in various different way's and his mum Large, goes on to say 'Of course', said Large, 'bear or not, I'll always love you no matter what.'

'This is an instant childhood classic' wrote the Independent On Sunday.

Just thought I'd pass it on, something for all of us to remember.

Saturday, 22 September 2007

B is for


This morning Brett asked for his cards. They have Alphabet pictures on them. He pulled the cards at random and told me the ones he wanted to and i mentioned one or two others. The interesting thing was when he had finished he cleared off so i started putting them away. At that point he came back and started to help. Initially he was trying to put the cards in the wrong way round so i suggested he turned them around which he did. Just to top it off he realised that some of the cards were upside down and turned them the right way. He may not have done this to all the cards but it was interesting to watch and made me smile.

Thursday, 20 September 2007


This is a shapshot of my beautiful flowers that grew after i cut the stem back, the other stem hasn't produced the same results but there are so many flowers on this one i don't really care :-)

I really thought keeping Orchids would be a nightmare but it hasn't so far. It sits on the kitchen window sill and i admire it while I'm washing up. Lovely!

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

That time of year

Well i guess it's that time of year again. The summer holiday's are over and the children are back to school. Now we have the run up to my favourite time of year and I'm sure most of you will be taking a huge breath followed by a loud sigh at that prospect.

Most of my working years i had similar conversations, most of my customers seeming surprised that i had started thinking about Christmas never mind shopping for it. Certainly helps spread the cost, plus there is nothing worse that having it sneak up on you and panicking.You know those Christmas lists get longer and longer every year and those purse strings don't seem to exist for the most part.
I, it seems am quite old fashioned when it comes to present buying. My motto has aways been 'It's the thought that counts'. These day's is more a case of 'Less is more'. The more presents children have the less they know what to do with. I have already bought one or two things that are being shipped to Santa for storage. Brett hasn't quite grasped the concept of Santa and his deliveries yet but he is well aware of all the eye candy when we go shopping and we are bombarded with adverts during the children's programmes.

When i was a kid, and i was for a while i loved opening our stockings full of oranges, pencils, chocolate coins. Lots of small but exciting things. Many presents were handmade, knitted dolls clothes for my tiny tears. I did have a dolls house (not sure it was a Christmas present) although I'm guessing a second hand one with hand made furniture. I think knowing that time had been spent making those gifts made them extra special.

Nowadays I'm sure if you asked children in twenty years what they remember about Christmas they would struggle to find anything of sentimental value. I still have one of the first bunnies my dad gave me from his milk round, or something like that, forgive me if i get my facts muddled but he's almost as old as me, the bunny that is!

Anyway i will get off my bell laden bandwagon now and look forward to rescuing the decorations from my tree and leaving milk and mince pies for Santa Claus and carrots for Rudolf and his side kicks.

Merry Christmas to all and to all...

Monday, 17 September 2007

The Kitchen Fairy

All is tidy and all is clean
Pots and pans shimmer and gleam
Sparkling glasses shine so bright
Out from the cupboard a fairy takes flight

A cup of flour a pinch of salt
A sprinkle of sugar a splash of malt
Into the bowl the mix goes around
Tiny hands work not making a sound

Into the oven a while to bake
Watch it carefully for goodness sake
The spoons are cleaned and counters washed
The oven wiped down with the kitchen cloth

Open the door and onto the tray
Icing and sprinkles are soon on their way
Goodies and treats created with care
Left on the table for the family to share

Back to the cupboard to rest for the day
A tuckered out fairy I really must say
She loves to help out, clean and be merry
What a wonderful day. Thanks Kitchen Fairy!

Written by - Sarah Sabatini

Sunday, 16 September 2007

The Missing Fan

Yesterday morning i was lying in bed thinking how nice the cool air was on my arms. I was thinking about our summer, or lack of and realised that there was a piece of technology that had been missing from our bedroom all year.


It pretty much sums up our summer. Our fan would usually get pulled out and used night in and night out all night. Much to my annoyance on occasions. Whilst my husband is good at falling asleep with the telly rattling away i like quiet and the fan isn't exactly quiet. The fan would be carted downstairs during the day to keep keep us cool in the afternoon/evening. I believe last year we even borrowed a small one to put in my sons room to help keep him cool at night.

No sign of our fan this year!

Friday, 14 September 2007


Meet Iris. This piece of art was designed and created by Annette Mangseth of Norway. I'm not sure how i came across Annette's work but this picture was the inspiration for my latest piece of writing. It's surprising just how much can come from one picture. In all honesty i haven't touched my story for some weeks now, just one of those things that's gone on the back burner while I'm having a sort out. My hopes are that eventually i will get to a point where i feel confident enough to submit it and see what happens. I have never submitted a story before but have been lucky enough to have some of my poetry published in anthologies. Who knows, watch this space. In the mean time if you would like to view more of Annette work i have included a link to her Etsy shop in the links on the right. Carambatack Designs.

Thursday, 13 September 2007


My flabber has never been so gasted. Those of you that know us know we have a cat. Her name is Willow and she is as soft as muck and when anyone comes round she just thinks there's a comfy lap to sit on. We have had her about six years now, she spends most of her time sleeping and eating and cleaning. She does venture outside but not for long.

Tonight I'm sitting in my chair at the PC and she came in, for some reason i turned round and in the vague light I'm thinking what the blazes has she got in her mouth it looked a little like a big bit of meat or fish until and alarm bell rang and i realised it had a tail!!!

Well after some screaming and slight hysteria my husband came in to access the situation and by this time Willow was under the table where she sleeps and wasn't coming out. I had to shove her with the broom which maybe wasn't the best plan. She dropped the RAT, or that's what i think it was and left it. It moved which made things worse.

Well after some Sherlock Homes accessing we, or should i say, my husband managed to manoeuvre the RAT under the bin and slid something under it and put it back in the garages. The worst bit was it was still alive but bleeding and there was quite a bit on the carpet so i got out the vanish. Not sure how long it will survive but i didn't want it in my home and whilst Willow was probably impressed at her first captive in six years i wasn't!

Boogie Beebies

Well today's the day the teddy bears have they're picnic lol!
Ok enough of that.
Today i took my 20 month old son to a 'Movement and Music' class. There was plenty of movement, there were so many toddlers. Brett managed to recognise the song selection, Lazy Town, Fifi and the Flowertots, Bob the Builder etc. He did a bit of clapping and jigging, admired what he could see of the pool from where we were. Thought he'd try a couple of other children's drinking bottles and basically keep me on my toes. NO CHANGE THERE THEN!

Eventually a friend of mine said she was taking her son to the park, it was very warm and we thought our boys would have more fun. She was right, we managed to chat a little without me having to rein Brett in every 5 minutes. I'm not sure whether I'll try the class again next week, i was hoping it would tire him out a little but I'm not sure who's the tiredest.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Life saving classes

The last few weeks i have been on a roll.
For some time now i have found even the most basic tasks hard work but life has eased up on me and me on my myself. I am no longer trying to be superwoman and i am getting on much better.

Motherhood has it's rewards i know but occasionally it brings with it other burdens. PND, PTSD to name but a few. Which ever it is your dealing with there is light at the end of the tunnel and if it means reaching out and asking for help then do it. I should know.

Thanks to my Husband, my Mum and Dad and my Son for standing by me :-)