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Saturday, 31 July 2010

The Aloha DT Blog Hop

Hello everyone and welcome to the Aloha Blog Hop over at Michelle Perkett Studio. I hope you started at the beginning if not you can head back to it above.If you came here from Jasmine then your on the right track.

This is a double celebration weekend for me. We as members of Michelle Perketts group over at PCP are celebrating the DT members that have been making creations using Michelle's beautiful digis for the last six months of which i was one such DT member until a few months ago when i sadly had to step away and concentrate on other things.

So the challenge for this hop was to make a creation with Leilani and to incorporate the word 'Aloha' meaning hello, goodbye and thank you... and to also write a thank you letter to the DT for all their/our hard work.

My creation kind of came out of no-where. One minute i was struggling with all my digi creations next minute i was printing off several copies at a time to complete this challenge. The strange thing was i was pleased with all my colouring. I decided to make a mobile using Michelle's Leilani and Penelope and Olive. Actually i helped myself out towards the end when i remembered my parasol light fitting i bought from Ikea as it incorporates some lovely flowers and the added advantage of lights so i printed off two of the stamps i was using having reversed them so i had back and front. I set about colouring them with watercolour pencils and then laminated them all...having laminated them i punched holes in the tops and threaded them with some string that i had inked to tone them in with the light fitting. I strung them all to it at intervals and then inked up some chipboard letters and glued them to some more string and attached them to Leilani.I'm quite pleased with my creation it looks like what you might enjoy a malibu and coke under whilst sitting watching the sun go down.

I hope you have enjoyed your time here. I am probably off somewhere blowing out some candles of my own as I'm celebrating my 40th birthday today...Who knows what I'll be doing as I'm writing this on 21/7 so I'm organised in advance. In two days my son finishes nursery all ready to start big school in September. Where does the time go. Anyway enough from me. Hop along now to Bevs and enjoy all the lovely creations :)


To the Michelle Perkett DT

What fun it has been to be part of this DT and to see those that have left each week inspiration to others (myself included). I have learn't alot from all the wonderful cards and creations you have all made, particularly where digital stamps are concerned as up until i joined Michelles group i hadn't really come across them and it's certainly taken some work for me to feel content with what i do with them where colouring is concerned, it's all a learning curve i guess. Thanks to all of you :)

Btw just for fun find out your Hawaiian name here I'm Keli :) And don't forget to check out my extended Blog Hop post below this one :)


This is one of Michelle Perketts new digital stamps. I knew when i saw Stella that i would be inspired to put pen to paper but not to colour (not yet anyway).
 Join me a while :)

It was a bright sunshiny day so Stella thought she would go out for a stroll. She packed her back pack with all her essentials, notebook, pad, pencils, blanket, milk and cookies.

As she headed up the garden path she thought that she had forgotten something but for the life of her she couldn't remember what so off she went.

She walked across the park and over the stye and into the fields. The butterflies were dancing round her head and the birds were chirping away merrily in the trees.

Stella wandered down to where the fields met the brook and perched herself on a log.

Stella was rather warm to she slipped off her cardigan and glanced down towards the water. As she did so she caught site of her reflection. There they were she hadn't forgotten them at all they were on her head the whole time, glasses!

Stella threw her blanket over the tall grasses and sat down with her pad and pencil. She doodled flowers and butterflies, birds and bumblebees and as she did so she found herself feeling inspired to tell a story.

'It was a bright sunshiny day so Stella thought she would go out for a stroll...

Hope you enjoyed my extended Blog Hop posts, it's been such fun finding inspiration to delight and amuse. Onwards and onwards and tune in soon  for the next instalment Aloha!

Lammas - August 1st

This post is from last year but i have re-posted it again as tomorrow is August 1st and Lammas/My birthday. All still worth a read and worth thinking about :)

'August 1st, it is also Lammas/Lughnasadh. The first of the three harvest festivals celebrated by most pagans. Some celebrate it as Lammas, the "loaf mass", which focuses on the grain and bread, and others honor this as a celebration of Lugh, the craftsman god. No matter how you see it, Lammas is a great time to enjoy the sunlight and warmth of summer.

Lugh the Celtic god of skills and craftsmanship. Take some time to think about the abilities you have, and the ones you wish to develop in the coming year. Be thankful for your talents and challenge yourself to learn new things. It's okay to be proud of the things you have accomplished!

For many Pagans and Wiccans, Lugh is honored as the champion of artistry and skills.

This made for interesting reading this morning. Paganism is something i find interesting but having the time to take on board all that it entails is something that i don't have right now but i hope to one day. I really need 'The idiots guide to Paganism' if there is such a thing.

Reading about Lugh and his many talents reminded me to be grateful for those that i have been given. Interestingly this kind of links in with another subject i was having the other day...finding you! I likened myself to a Russian doll, i know I'm in there somewhere!

On the outside i am a wife and mother, not sure
whether that should be the other way round. On the inside i am a hairdresser by trade but on a creative level i am a story teller, poet and have enjoyed many other crafts my current favourite being my felt. Some people on this planet seem content to have no hobbies or interests although i believe we must all have our talents.

I have enjoyed writing for some long time, its great for self expression. I wrote of Michael Jackson after he died and have been lucky enough to have my poem included in 'Poetry Rivals 2009' due for publication on 31st October 2009. It's not everyone who can say they have books on their shelves that contain words we have written. On the subject of future developments i hope in the coming year to have my own book of poetry or even one of my stories available to touch and read. Be aware of your talents and nurture them :-)

31/7/10 I was bought this book at Christmas and have been plodding through it ever since lol

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Our Story Holidays

I am very keen on reading to my son. I have been since probably before he could understand what i was rabbiting on about lol. Anyway the plan is throughout this holiday to have a bit of 'Time' to read, a) a baby book which might encourage Brett with his words ready for school and b) a book we have in the house whether ours or from the library (in addition to his bed time story). So this list consists of so far...

One Bear Lost (I found this at a charity shop, as usual attracted by the cover and illustrations). This book helps alot with numbers particularly those going backwards as we start with ten bears and gradually work down to the lost bear. Brett and i gave this a thumbs up :)

Today's book was The Magic Sky, this again came from the charity shop. This books revolves around a family of Polar Bears and Rory the little polar bear can't wait to see the magic sky which he nearly misses when he disappears off on his own. This book again helps with the counting down of numbers and the magic sky tells of the Northern Lights. I have never seen the Northern Lights but after watching Joanna Lumleys journey to see them left me wanting more, magical. Brett and i gave this books a thumbs up too :)

Stay tuned for more books, coming your way real soon :)

Calling all bloggers

Does anyone know can you integrate blogs? As some of you know i have three, yes three blogs but to be honest i really don't have the time or the inclination to keep up with all three of them. Two of them barely seem to get many visits or atleast rarely comments so i know anyone is stopping by so I'm wondering whether i can blend them into one?!?

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Challenge 39 Colour combo and Butterflies

This card is for Michelle Perkettes challenge 39. The challenge was to use the following colour combination and butterflies incorporating one of Michelle's images and Stamp, Scrap and Doodle Saturdays where the challenge was to make a card using any digital image :)

As i have several birthdays coming up i used Michelle's Festive cupcake and left of the Christmas star and sentiment. I printed the stamp of twice so i could double mount it and punched the butterflies out from the brown paper so the marbled handmade paper (made by my cousin :) showed through underneath.I think i may use this digi quite a bit this week as it makes such a good statement as who doesn't like cake :)

Saturday, 10 July 2010

All in two days work :)

Well it's been a productive couple of  days, although in all fairness it's only 09.40 of day two lol. At the top of the list is baking, baking, baking one of my favourite pastimes. In the top left corner are the Condensed Milk Chocolate Chip cookies i was making around seven this morning, they are my favourite choc chip cookie so far. Next to them is Anzac Biscuits, based on an old recipe for Scottish Oatcakes both of these recipes are taken from 

This book which has been a source of inspiration.The flapjack is a modified recipe i found online to which i added some ginger yesterday, not sure what i think yet but time will tell.

So then there is Otis, this is a pattern i have from online, somewhere. I have many owl patterns because i love owls. I haven't touched my felt in months but yesterday felt the urge and so here he is. I cut out the pieces before i picked Brett up from nursery and in the afternoon when i got too hot and bothered i put him together :)

This is my new t-shirt which i picked up for £3 from Adsa, a couple of days earlier i had bought some transfer paper and so the experiment began. The butterfly got printed onto the transfer paper, the butterfly is one of my drawings. The one thing i didn't anticipate was the edge that i left showing and in my haste i didn't cut it exceptionally neatly. So in order to disguise the edge last night i sat and sewed some alternating beads round it and voila! Mind this morning i was a bit worried when my t-shirt seemed to have adopted a greasy looking hand print which I'm guessing wasn't grease as it came off but i have no idea where it came from. I will definitely be trying this again with other things. How well the transfer will last i don't know but I'll keep you posted. Phew now i must go prepare dinner. Listening to some early 80's tunes. So cool :)