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Thursday, 29 January 2009

An appropriate quote

A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song - Maya Angelou

I was secretly sent on a search tonight having read my good friends blog. Of late i have been getting messages about owls and birds and one day this week my friend Michelle was also hearing the call of the birds. It's a beautiful song one well worth hearing and this quote is so appropriate for the 'now'. Thanks Michelle and Maya :-)

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Januarys Child, well mostly...

Well we’re almost out of the first month of a bright and shiny new year; well one out of two aren’t bad.

What a month it’s been. Our son was three on 6th January. The celebrations were low key. We met with a few family and friends on the Sunday as my husband would be working for the best part of Brett’s day. Brett enjoyed the presents from us on the Sunday and then round two on his official day.

For the last two weeks we have cracked on with potty or toilet training with, touch wood Brett settling into asking and using the toilet and not relying on pull-ups. This week we started by sending Brett off to his nursery in pants but with a change of underwear and trousers. Fingers crossed!
28/1 Update, he came back dry!

The final of the three related to my son was the moving out of his cot and in with a bed. We had had a bed given to us sometime ago but needed to replace the mattress but we gained an extra bed and so it begins. I have to admit there is part of me that doesn’t really want to completely let go of that baby era but the strings loosen as time moves on and this is night two, night one took a bit of manoeuvring but it’ll all become more comfortable in time.
28/1 Update, day three afternoon always successful in going down but usually wakes shouting and crying, 2.30 am this morning and again at 5.30, gone down ok now but we’ll see how long it lasts!

Finally we have swapped our dinky toy for a grown up family car. All extremely impulsive but equally needy. Ours was getting a little cramped and consistently costly with repairs and impending over due services. We struck gold I believe in the sense of a highly sought after, reasonably priced, relatively new, bigger, all singing, all dancing Renault Scenic. Due for collection this week (today infact!) I shall be sad to say goodbye to my loyal dinky toy but excited to feel more significant and comfortable on the road. This is officially ‘our’ first car, no longer ‘my’ car which is a bit of a reality check but for the time being I will be the main driver and will enjoy the challenge. This afternoon (Sunday) I have already bought a fairy airfreshner and ‘powered by pixie dust’ decals. My husband was confused by my apparent delayed excitement and my ‘little things please little minds’ reaction to my new purchases but a little pixie dust goes a long way…

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Mork calling Orson, come in Orson!

Hello ladies. Hope 2009 finds you well and full of creative thoughts.

Last year my dear friend Michelle of Enchanted Inspirations was kind enough to trust me with a selection of her cards to sell at an Indulgence Evening i was attending.Bearing in mind i am in England Michelle posted them from Orange County. They got here just in time and i was full of enthusiasm. Unfortunately as is sometimes the case the evening was very poorly attended but during the time i have had the cards in my possession i have sold ten and no i haven't bought them myself lol! Anyway my enthusiasm for crafting has meant for some time now i have fancied my own craft shop but now i am wondering about some sort of online shop.This would be to sell handmade/drawn/designed items much like Michelle's and others i have seen but here in the UK. I have already mentioned this to Michele and she seems to think it sounds a good idea.

What i would like to know is of those of you that have your designs printed on cards, bookmarks, tags etc etc who might be interested in the opportunity to spread their wings over here in the UK?

I think this could be a great opportunity although as yet it's early days but any interest or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks for your time :-)

Monday, 12 January 2009

Five things i do to keep my mind and life balanced

I was tagged by my lovely friend Michelle of Enchanted Inspirations http://michelleperkett.blogspot.com/ to list five things i do to balance mind and life. Here goes:-

1) Well I hope I don’t sound boring for anyone that already reads my blog but for some long time now I’ve listened to a self hypnosis tape, it lasts for just over twenty minutes but seems to have helped me relax, quite an achievement!!!

2) In my process to gain control of my OCD I have released the reins on what was my obsession with housework, housework, housework. I started alternating my days, one housework, and one for me…

3) Creativity is my hobby. I enjoy writing, making cards, blogging, and drawing. Finding time to express yourself is crucial to balancing mind and life.

4) Since having my now three year old I try to walk to town unless I’m expecting to end up carrying a heavy load. The exercise does me good and the fresh air helps to blow away the cobwebs.

5) It’s important to be observant. There is much beauty to be seen if only we open up and look beyond the obvious. The world we live in today is pre-occupied with doom and gloom and reading and enjoying the many blogs I have come across in recent months reminded me of that.

I tag





check them out :-)

Friday, 9 January 2009

Tag Your It - Post Christmas Quiz

Ok so Christmas has been and gone. My tree is still up and on but only because we had our loft insulated on Wednesday and the boxes amongst others are cluttering up our spare room. In remembrance of this Christmas I have compiled this little quiz.

1) What is your favourite childhood memory of Christmas?

Mine, amongst others was writing endless song sheets to go carolling with my friends.

2) What was your favourite childhood gift?

Mine is a bit general but would have to be my stocking at the end of my bed. Lots of tiny gifts, more exciting than big presents and I enjoy it as much now :-)

3) What would you like to re-kindle about your Christmas’s in the naughties?

I would love people to bear in mind that it’s the thought that counts not how many pounds you spend!

5) What was your favourite moment about Christmas 2008?

Mine was seeing my son when he came down the stairs to find Santa had left the pressies under the tree and left him his ‘big red car’ (Wiggles) that he asked for.

6) What was your favourite gift?

As I had quite a few presents in the run up to the festive season there were less to open on Christmas Day but my camera would have to be my favourite, most successful and most useful so thanks to my husband.

7) What did you mention doing this Christmas?

I believe I mentioned being more organised, I had been thinking about Christmas since well before Halloween and still ended up writing cards the weekend pre Christmas Day and wrapping Christmas Eve!

8) What are you most thankful for as one-year leaves and another one starts?

I am thankful that my husband and I keep working on what brought us together. Like many we’ve had our moments but we’re still together. Love you!!!
Happy 2009!

There are no rules for this. I tag my Mum, my good friend Michelle, Senta, Fannie, Lisa and my newest addition Martha :-)