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Friday, 18 May 2012

Sometimes i surprise myself

It's really high time i had more faith in ME.

For the last couple of weeks I've had the urge to write. Now those of you that know me know i have many creative urges and mostly it's a juggling act knowing which to give time to but today i found time to get stuff done round the house and then time to read something i wrote quite some time ago. This story like alot of other pieces is unfinished and it's time i gave it some attention so after requesting my mum sent me a copy as she recently backed up my PC and i am now using a borrowed tower to get online i sat and read it.

I wonder how many writers like what they write. I was once told or read that you need to sit on a bus and listen to children talking to be able to write for them but for me writing is all about escapism. After all J K Rowling never sat and heard children talking about Harry Potter and his Chamber of Secrets I'm sure. So i read through what i have written so far and ok so their my thoughts but if i had written this and someone had bought it for me as a kid i would love it and i love it now, infact elements of it are so applicable for NOW!

So i am on a mission to step inside Whisteria once again and see where it takes me. In the mean time i just wrote this little poem.

'Life is what you make it
Someone once said (me in a previous poem!)
Unbeknown to her
There was truth in what she said.
Be careful what you wish for
for the universe will deliver.
Make your thoughts good ones
for they will be with you forever.

'Thoughts become things'

Kerridwen Niner 18/5/12