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Thursday, 26 March 2009

Tommorow join in for Earth Hour

Scared I was, and scared I am.
Of what we are, and how it began.
Of where we are going, and what we shall see.
Of how things are changing around you and me.
Of being left behind in a world full of strangers.
And facing alone a mine full of dangers.
A land of ever changing colours.
A land where no one seems to bother.
When it’s all gone they’ll be too late.
They will have no reason to hesitate.
So ‘STOP’ for a while and look around.
There maybe sun, there maybe snow,
but how long it will stay no one knows.
Their maybe flowers, their maybe lakes,
but just who knows how long it will take.
What is taken for granted will not remain.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Think about the world we live in.
Take advantage of the things we are given.
Expect the worse and things can only get better.
Do something now, don’t leave it until later.
With a little compassion and a little care,
we can all be made aware.
That the best things in life are free,
and that includes for you and me.

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