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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Wishing Star Angel Blog Hop :)

Well here she is in all her finery, the Wishing Star Angel creator of which is Michelle Perkett. We are taking part in her Blog Hop today as part of a group found at

This is my card that i have coloured, glittered and put together, hope you like it. Along with making our card we were asked to make a Christmas Wish for someone other than our self. So my wish is for a collection of people. Those that are fighting for peace, the soldiers and their families who are most likely apart at the time of year you most want to be together. I wish them all PEACE, LOVE and HAPPINESS at this time and all year through :)

My son wanted to join in so this is his picture :)

I have enjoyed my short time being part of this group they are a great bunch of ladies and i hope you enjoy your visit and don't forget to hop on to visit the other participants. They are found below :-






Kerri:You are here!









Jennifer Scull:








Crystal J.:

Crystal M. Smith



And the last stop is:Michelle Perkett Studio Challenge Blog!


Michelle said...

Kerri! What a beautiful entry!! Oh, I love your card so much and the colors you used! And i love that its snowing on your blog!!:) thank you for such a lovely wish for all of the soldiers, they need a wish like that! Thank you, Kerri!:)

Michelle said...

Me again!! I almost forgot, I love Brett's entry too! Please tell him how much I love his coloring!!:)

Michelle :)

Maria Matter said...

Both Angels are wonderful, way to go Brett!

Kerri, love the colors you chose for this beauty...gorgeous!!!
Blessings, Maria

Pattie G said...

Kerri, this is so beautiful and they way you colored Michelle's Angel is perfect. I love your son's coloroing too. Your wish is a very good one and is shared by many.


Nancy said...

Love your card, Kerri:O) Fab colours. Love that Brett wanted to join in too:) How cute, my little 4 year old, Pernille, loves to colour my images too:)
Hugs, Nancy;O)

Jennifer Scull said...

I think your son's card is my fave so far! tell him he has a big fan in me! :) but yours is quite lovely as well! love those golds.

your wish is a truly wonderful one. and so meaningful. thank you for the reminder to pray for those who are not going to be home for the holidays.

have a great weekend!

Killam Creative said...

Lovely card and wish! Thanks!


Anne said...

Kerri both are fab cards :) and I hope your wish comes true, it would be wonderful to really have peace...

debb said...

Kerri-Wonderful wish and wonderful card- Peace. love and happiness to all- that says it all doesn't it? I love that your son did one too - it's so much fun to do what Mommy is doing- I loved those years in my boys childhood!

Tammy said...

This is so beautiful Kerri!! LOL...Brett did an amazing job too!! Thank you for sharing with us!! I love your wish sweetie!!

Tanya said...

What abeautiful card- the background really makes the image pop!! Your son did a great job too- how adorable!

Rhonda Miller said...

Ellen, great job. Thanks for sharing your son's creation. What a great wish, I send my wishes to those families as well.

Alex said...

Lovely card! I love the texture SO much and your son's card is the BEST!!! I share your wish and have enjoyed getting to know you on PCP. Hang in there and know we are ALL here for you and each other. This is another family :)

Terri's Cards N' More said...

This is a beautiful card. Love Brett's card. Best wishes to our military families.

Barbara said...

Love both the angels watch out Bretts going to take over! that is jus so seet he joined us.

gina said...

Cute creation from your son. Great card too love the textures

Lori said...

Your card really pops, love it...have to say your son's card is one my favorites...just great. Merry Christmas

ileana said...

Lovely card! the colors you choose are great, the wings of your angel look beautiful. Such a nice entry you litlle one did!! his coloring is really promising :-) Hugs

beadz said...

Kerri, what a great card! Love the gold! I'm glad that Brett got to hop too! He did a great job.

Jean said...

Kerri, this is so beautiful . I love your son's coloring too.My grandaughter likes to participate wtih me in crafting to. Your wish is a very good one and is shared by many.
Hugs Jean

Carlie M. said...

Love the card!!! Your son did a fabulous job coloring!!!!

Jenny said...

Very pretty card. The background papers are so lovely!! Love it!

Tink said...

Love your son's card!

Jana M. said...

Gorgeous card, Kerri! I love the gold. Lil B did a fantastic job, too. I hope all your Christmas wishes come true.

scrapperjulia said...

I love the red, yellow and oranges that you used for this card, great job!

Brandi said...

I love the wish you made ~ your card is lovely and your son's super sweet! :)

Cr8ive ME said...

Gorgeous card. Love your background papers.

So sweet that your son wanted to join too.

What a wonderful wish. I know that the troops really need that, it always seems that my brother-in-law always gets stationed away from his family around all the big moments in his kids lives.