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Friday, 3 December 2010


on it goes. It's stuck with me all year round and it's so rewarding. So for this project i took two jar lids. Sprayed them with traditional gold spray on both sides. This took several coats and in between i painted some red acrylic paint and then sprayed over the top again with the gold, i intended to distress but the only sand paper in the house was stripping back more than i wanted so i left them with the odd hint of red showing through. On the inside i rustled up two hama bead pattern kinda snowflakes and glued them on either side. I added some red rik rak (is that what you call it?) to hang it with and then glued it together. I added some rik rak round the frame of both lids just to finish off. So what do you think? I see scope for more but this late in the day i might be pushing my luck lol alongside my other unfinished, or not yet started festive projects. Happy December :)


ale balanzario said...

Hi, Im so happy to come here and visit your blog again, you are the winner of my little pixie book mark giveaway!!
this makes me so happy, it will soon travel to your home, please send me an e-mail with your post address.
Have a very nice week.

Fotf said...

Ahh thanks Ale, i'm excited too, that was a lovely surprise. I look forward to it arriving. Merry Christmas :)