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Thursday, 27 December 2007

The Countdown to 2008 begins...

Well here we are just the other side of pretty much the most extravagant day of the year. As my mum recently penned we eat, drink and spend too much. My husband remarked that it's alot of fuss over one day. In part i agree, that said we could make as much fuss over any occasion but we don't. My one take on Christmas has been the same for some long time. 'It's the thought that counts'. We don't have to spend lots of money, equally we don't have to eat or drink to much. We are in control. Children do have bigger lists which usually consist of quite substantial gifts but that's only because we allow it.
This year i asked my mum for a stocking, like i used to have when i was a child, bear in mind that i am 37 going on 38! The biggest gift in my stocking was a t-shirt, the rest of it consisted of soap, envelopes and stickers for crafting, magnets, chocolate coins, socks and various other seemingly insignificant but equally useful things. I was chuffed and had lots to open.

I made cut backs this year too. I have made new friends with children who i bought token gifts for. Friends and the odd relative who i have so little to do with that i either bought smaller gifts or sent holiday wishes via a card. We spent the day with our loved ones who came and will continue to come in various shift patterns.

Afterwards, she says writing this on the 27th having penned it on Boxing day, i am sure we will breath a huge sign of relief as some of us start making plans for the next one. Resolutions to be more organised, start earlier, spend less etc etc. Christmas essentially is what we make it and lets not forget the main reason we celebrate it, the birth of a baby boy in a stable in Bethlehem.

Thanks for stopping by, spending time reading my thoughts and feelings. Feel free to comment, leave a post in my guest book. Happy New Year encase we're already there by the time i get to update :-)

'Happy Angel' courtesy of my good friend Annette.

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Dreamer said...

I loved reading your thoughts. Today i have re-read with more time and find what you say is how I feel too. Today I started re-organising my Christmas boxes before they go back into the roof with a view to finding everything more easily next year. I swear the key to enjoying Christmas is better organisation. Mum