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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Box of Christmas Delights

I don’t know about you but as Christmas approaches there are something’s I want to be able to lay my hands on fairly quickly which isn’t always easy. So one of my plans for this year and by that I mean now, the start of the year was to get myself a box to store all those things together.

I had seen in Argos some Christmas storage boxes with compartments (removable) for placing ornaments in. These were quite expensive and also not to be found in the newest catalogue. By chance I found some very reasonable boxes in Dunheilm yesterday, they were in a couple of sizes the largest of which I thought not big enough for what I had already put to one side so I bought one of each. The smaller of the two contains most of my previously recorded Christmas films of which there are quite a few. There is nothing nicer that getting in the mood for Christmas in the months leading up to Christmas. The larger of the boxes contains Christmas cards I bought for me and Brett in the sales, gift tags, Christmas CD’s and old but much loved tapes, a lovely felt envelope that one of my friends made which contains the letter Brett wrote to Santa and Santa’s reply. Some photo cards also bought in the sales, replacement bulbs which most likely fit lights no longer in our possession J and the remains of the paper chains made by Brett and I this Christmas. There will no doubt be one or two more things added and possibly further boxes to keep special cards made by my son and crafty friends but most of all I look forward to keeping my box of delights accessible for when that time of year approaches once again.

What would you put in your box of Christmas Delights?

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