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Thursday, 12 February 2009

Twit Twoo - St Valentines Day Giveaway

Well it's nearly here and i have spent the last couple of afternoons while Brett is asleep making the above card for my husband. I made one using the owl template some time ago and quite liked the end result and so have gone back to it a few times. I must admit the scan doesn't really do the card any justice but you get the gist of it. The pink 'cute' one below is the second of my owl family and as yet doesn't have a home. Will it be winging its way to you?

To have my 'cute' owl find it's way to your house leave me a comment and if you're the winner i will post her out to you. Tell me how you will be celebrating St Valentines Day.Good Luck :-)

1 comment:

Karen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Thought I'd pop over and visit yours :)
Thats a sweet card you have made for your husband.