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Friday, 29 May 2009

Have wings will travel

While I'm thinking about it this is my 101st post, i had been watching out for no 100 and missed it till today so that's pretty good going and I'm still here lol.

I have lots of things in the pipeline including the item below, i set out putting these mini stockings together the other afternoon and the plan is to decorate the metal wreath with them once I've covered it with something. Never done anything like that before so hope it turns out ok when it's finished. Of course while i was doing it i thought what sweet little presents they would make for lots of my friends with children particularly if i could put the child's initial on it hence the letter sitting there, not sure i can pull that off yet so we'll see what happens.


Fannie said...

hi, kerri! congrats on 101 posts. cute stockings. have a great weekend.

Michelle said...


I LOVE your butterfly and the butterfly farm sounds so cool! Have a wonderful and creative week!

Michelle :)