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Monday, 17 August 2009

Chinese Dragon

This is another recycled art piece from School, actually probably my favourite out of all that i still have. I distinctly remember doing the background effects by dropping some kind of ink or paint on to water and then laying the paper on top of it, completely random but fantastic backdrop for something like this. Again i have to admit i think i must have traced the dragon from somewhere but the rest is all my own. Played around with him on Picnik again, lot of fun :-)


Fannie said...


Michelle said...

I love this Kerri!

Michelle said...


Congrats on your Etsy Sales! Thats awesome! Looks like we are both jazzed about our work right now, how great is that!?!

Thank you for your beautiful comments today!

Michelle :)

kathy hare said...

It's great seeing your artwork from school, it's so colourful! I also remember doing marbling, it's such an easy technique that produces amazing results, I remember being astounded! :)x