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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

August 1st - Lammas/Lugh the Craftsman God

(You can tell how delayed i am in my posting, just time travel back a few days lol!)

'Yesterday was my birthday, August 1st, it is also Lammas/Lughnasadh. The first of the three harvest festivals celebrated by most pagans. Some celebrate it as Lammas, the "loaf mass", which focuses on the grain and bread, and others honor this as a celebration of Lugh, the craftsman god. No matter how you see it, Lammas is a great time to enjoy the sunlight and warmth of summer.

Lugh the Celtic god of skills and craftsmanship. Take some time to think about the abilities you have, and the ones you wish to develop in the coming year. Be thankful for your talents and challenge yourself to learn new things. It's okay to be proud of the things you have accomplished!

For many Pagans and Wiccans, Lugh is honored as the champion of artistry and skills.

This made for interesting reading this morning. Paganism is something i find interesting but having the time to take on board all that it entails is something that i don't have right now but i hope to one day. I really need 'The idiots guide to Paganism' if there is such a thing.

Reading about Lugh and his many talents reminded me to be grateful for those that i have been given. Interestingly this kind of links in with another subject i was having the other day...finding you! I likened myself to a Russian doll, i know I'm in there somewhere!

On the outside i am a wife and mother, not sure
whether that should be the other way round. On the inside i am a hairdresser by trade but on a creative level i am a story teller, poet and have enjoyed many other crafts my current favourite being my felt. Some people on this planet seem content to have no hobbies or interests although i believe we must all have our talents.

I have enjoyed writing for some long time, its great for self expression. I wrote of Michael Jackson after he died and have been lucky enough to have my poem included in 'Poetry Rivals 2009' due for publication on 31st October 2009. It's not everyone who can say they have books on their shelves that contain words we have written. On the subject of future developments i hope in the coming year to have my own book of poetry or even one of my stories available to touch and read. Be aware of your talents and nurture them :-)

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