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Friday, 18 September 2009

Autumn Flames

This is my little arrangement which I've just titled Autumn Flames. The china dish belonged to my Grandma Jeffery. I have several pieces of this set in with a load of mugs I've collected. Never had any use for them but because they were Grandma's I've hung on to them and i thought it might work. The fir cones my son collected for me with Grandmas help last week or the week before. As a youngster my mum always had fir cones at Christmas usually sprayed and voila I've turned into her lol. They are all quite small ones and on Wednesday i got the chance to glitter them. You can't tell very well in the picture but if i get a good close up I'll post it. The candle actually has it's own stand but i thought i would incorporate it into the display. I have moved it to our 'dining' table or what my husband now calls my 'work' table. It's the clearest it's been in probably over four years but still has bits and pieces of paper work on it and a box beside it where i cleared a large amount of paper work from it. I'm a bit of a hoarder and this results in clutter but I'm working hard to clear it and by Christmas we should be able to eat of it, i hope :). So to mark what i perceive to be the slow arrival of Autumn, the changing of the seasons, the shorter, cooler nights and the onset of Halloween and all things festive. The candle will burn and brighten, the fir cones will represent nature and all the beauties it beholds and the plate will represent memories, some old some new but all important in our day to day lives. Happy Autumn :)


Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Your Autumn Flames centerpiece is lovely! I can see the sparkles of glitter on the cones. It so nice to get a chance to use your Grandma's china. Thanks for sharing!

Lisa :)

Michelle said...

Oh Kerri this is so beautiful and it has sentimental value as well, every time you light the candles you can think of your Grandma! Beautiful!

Michelle :)