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Monday, 21 September 2009

Halloween Pumpkin

Well here is the first stage of my latest painting. Up until now i thought 'A Painter i am not' but i have to say i do consider myself a painter. This was the first stage in the painting, i had already played around with the drawing itself and put the final draft so to speak on to the canvas and given the background a wash of blue sky. I am going to be adding one of these a week up till Halloween when i will be posting the finished article, unless i can wait no longer and may post it during the Halloween Blog Celebration on the 17th of Oct, i hope you stop by and see my progress :-)


Kelly Lish said...

Cant wait to watch the progression! Thanks for sharing-these are fun to watch come alive!

Fannie said...

looks great, kerri. i'll be watching with anticipation.