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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Full Moon

This was last nights full moon. My husband came in from the garden and said i ought to go take a look and as usual i tried to capture it. Usually unsuccessful but last night, bingo, this is zoomed and cropped but so much detail, can you see the dog in the moon, the man must have made way for him :)


Michelle said...

Its an awesome picture, Kerri! That is so funny, I was looking at the moon here last night and was wondering how it looked in England at your house! Mine has clouds around it but yours is beautiful!

Michelle :)

Fotf said...

Hi Michelle, i was so chuffed with this picture as i am for most things at the moment, grateful for the 'moment'. So nice to think that you were thinking that too, love that we can be so far apart in terms of distance and yet just a moon apart :)