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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

See No Evil!

Oh no, it's soon to be here, keep them peeled!

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pinkglitterfae said...

it's almost here, one more day and the fun will be over :-(
oh but then the Christmas build up starts, lol!

thanks for stopping by my blog...regarding oil of oregano, from what I have learned it is anti viral, anti bacterial, and can stop cold and flu in it's tracks, or at the very least, make it less uncomfortable. I've also been hearing about elderberry extract, for the same benefits. It's worth doing some google searches if you are interested in it. My own personal belief is that the body should build a strong immune system, so it can protect itself, and vaccines take that away from you. Your own immune response then doesn't know how to do it's job and depends on the drug companies (who, face it, are making billions of dollars right now).

have a great day!