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Friday, 4 June 2010

Festive Cookie run

So for the last few weeks i have been baking, quite a bit. Flapjacks, Cakes and Cookies. I have so enjoyed this time and the novelty hasn't worn off so i hope to continue the fun.The plan is come Christmas that i can make up batches of cookies as token gifts for people. I think in times when money is short something like this is simple but effective. So i like this recipe the only thing i change is that i use 100g of choc chips and 50g of coconut. I guess you could always use 150g of choc chips but as they come in 100g bags it's easier to buy two bags and have one over for next time. With this batch i made up the dough yesterday and put it in some grease proof paper and put it in the fridge for later but later ended up being this morning. I cut it into four pieces and rolled each piece out with yes you guessed it a rolling pin lol.Used this snowflake cutter and bobs your auntie lol. I think I'm all set now just need to find some nice reasonable bags to bag them up into come Christmas so if you have any ideas feel free to share. Thanks to Senta who as part of my Christmas present sent me Egg nog drop scone mix and boy was that tasty, you got the ball rolling and there is no stopping me now :) Oh yeah and the coconut is a must unless you don't like it, i swear it makes them. I have made them with currants too, not this recipe but in my experimenting!


Beedeebabee said...

My mouth is absolutely watering. These cookies look delicious...I wish I could reach in a grab one! ;)

Fotf said...

Ahh thanks Paulette, i am so enjoying my baking at the moment but there just aren't enough hours in the day.

Claire said...

Yum, they look absolutely gorgeous. Isn't baking bliss, I love it and a batch of cookies is part of my Sunday morning routine now
Claire xx