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Saturday, 31 July 2010


This is one of Michelle Perketts new digital stamps. I knew when i saw Stella that i would be inspired to put pen to paper but not to colour (not yet anyway).
 Join me a while :)

It was a bright sunshiny day so Stella thought she would go out for a stroll. She packed her back pack with all her essentials, notebook, pad, pencils, blanket, milk and cookies.

As she headed up the garden path she thought that she had forgotten something but for the life of her she couldn't remember what so off she went.

She walked across the park and over the stye and into the fields. The butterflies were dancing round her head and the birds were chirping away merrily in the trees.

Stella wandered down to where the fields met the brook and perched herself on a log.

Stella was rather warm to she slipped off her cardigan and glanced down towards the water. As she did so she caught site of her reflection. There they were she hadn't forgotten them at all they were on her head the whole time, glasses!

Stella threw her blanket over the tall grasses and sat down with her pad and pencil. She doodled flowers and butterflies, birds and bumblebees and as she did so she found herself feeling inspired to tell a story.

'It was a bright sunshiny day so Stella thought she would go out for a stroll...

Hope you enjoyed my extended Blog Hop posts, it's been such fun finding inspiration to delight and amuse. Onwards and onwards and tune in soon  for the next instalment Aloha!


Michelle said...

Oh, Kerri, I love your story about Stella!! I can relate to that one!!:) I'm so glad my illustration inspired you to write!! Love that!! Thanks so much for sharing your story with us!!:)

ileana said...

So cute, Kerri!!! love your story!!