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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Our Story Holidays

I am very keen on reading to my son. I have been since probably before he could understand what i was rabbiting on about lol. Anyway the plan is throughout this holiday to have a bit of 'Time' to read, a) a baby book which might encourage Brett with his words ready for school and b) a book we have in the house whether ours or from the library (in addition to his bed time story). So this list consists of so far...

One Bear Lost (I found this at a charity shop, as usual attracted by the cover and illustrations). This book helps alot with numbers particularly those going backwards as we start with ten bears and gradually work down to the lost bear. Brett and i gave this a thumbs up :)

Today's book was The Magic Sky, this again came from the charity shop. This books revolves around a family of Polar Bears and Rory the little polar bear can't wait to see the magic sky which he nearly misses when he disappears off on his own. This book again helps with the counting down of numbers and the magic sky tells of the Northern Lights. I have never seen the Northern Lights but after watching Joanna Lumleys journey to see them left me wanting more, magical. Brett and i gave this books a thumbs up too :)

Stay tuned for more books, coming your way real soon :)

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