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Monday, 30 January 2012

Loveheart Shortbread

So, wow nearly the end of January, the time continues to tick away. Anyone would think i have nothing to share but i have been busy behind the blog lol. So today i made Mary Berries shortbread, it was infact her ginger shortbread but as i couldn't find any ginger and had already been inspired by a friend to dip it i went down the Valentines route. I omitted both lots of ginger but added 1/2tsp of Vanilla and then cut them out with a heart shaped cutter and later when they cooled i melted some white chocolate and strawberry chocolate and iced the top of some of them with it. I have yet to taste one but am very much looking forward to trying it :) and so starts my inspired month of hearts and love :)

I maybe back later to share some more creations with you :)

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