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Saturday, 1 February 2014


So the other day i saw this challenge posted on Facebook, right up my street i thought but i didn't relish sharing pictures with everyone so i have decided to blog it instead. I have a Jar of Joy of sorts at home so i had started that but am going to post here instead. It might be short and sweet but hopefully it'll be worth the time spent appreciating it.

I have declared February my month for fun. In whatever shape or form it comes i hope to do one thing even if it's only small that is not the norm for me, it's very easy to get bogged down with the day to day grind, housework, looking for a job, school run etc etc.

So today's moment was during a walk to town, on my own, with my earphones in which is unusual for me. It was very blustery and a little chilly but there were blue skies and a little sunshine. It felt good to blow the negative cobwebs that have been building up these last few weeks away. Blasting my ears with some good tunes was quite uplifting and also by having them on i felt i was in my own little bubble cut off from those around me. I played 'Happy' on the way home by Will Pharell, i love that tune, i believe if you played it enough times you could change your whole outlook, maybe not everyone else's but certainly my own and it needs some positive nutrition. So my happy moment for today :)


ileana said...

Hello there, so good to hear about you :-) Life is never easy, but I´m with you: keep the positive thoughts coming! I need to remember that too

Fotf said...

Thanks for stopping by Ileana, nice to hear from you :)