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Monday, 3 February 2014

Sunday 2nd Feb

So I'm posting Sunday late but you know how it is at weekends with all the excitement of pre-school routines lol

So I'm sure we have days when you might not see/feel/hear your happy but amongst alot of unwanted 'stuff' this weekend i found moments of mine. I made soup on Saturday, carrots, peppers, sweet potatoes and ordinary, i roasted all the veg for a time and then popped them in the slow cooker with 2ltrs of stock, half chicken, half veg. A very good friend introduced me to homemade soup last year and i have to say it's one of the best things ever. I SO enjoyed my soup with my cheese topped roll, and i have discovered that there are lots of good reasons for enjoying those veg. I'm not a big eater of veg, infact until my intro to soup I'd never eaten peppers (picked them out) or squash or sweet potatoes, infact cauiliflower too which I've also made into soup so to be eating more veg and reading the other benefits of Peppers, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes  etc just makes me even more pleased that I've learnt to make my own  soup. The links are all from Pintrest and you can take what they say with a pinch of salt (personally not recommended lol) but what's not to like.
This soup was followed by some homemade flapjack with ginger and choc chips and was also delish although i was somewhat bloated after (eyes bigger than belly!).

So they are my moments of happy. Oh and come the end of the day my son brought a little clip down where he apologised for being a less than obliging child with such a serious face and told me and my husband that we're the best parents in the world which of course brought tears to my eyes. We're not but we get by but how lovely :)

So how's your happy?

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