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Thursday, 25 September 2008

Countdown is on

This is my hypothetical preparation for Christmas.

1) At the end of September/beginning of October sit down and write a list of all those that you intend to buy presents for.Give yourself an idea of how much you can afford to spend and try and stick to it (after all it's the thought that counts!).

If you have ideas of gifts then make a note of them. If you have nieces and nephews or grandchildren that you intend to buy clothes for check what size they are now wearing as it doesn't always correspond to age. Make two copies of this list, one for you handbag and one for your records and for when the other one goes walk about. Make a note of any other ideas you have as you go along and tick off those that you have bought.

Most of all enjoy it. There is no written rule (in my opinion) that says you have to buy everything or spend lots of money.Sometimes the most insignificant gift can turn out to be the most thoughtful or useful gift. Last Christmas my friend bought Brett some Thomas wellies, day in and day out rain or shine Brett wore his wellies until one day he must have caught the bin in his bid to tidy them and we ended up with one welly. They are as you can imagine back on her Christmas list again.



SENTA said...

Good for you planning ahead, I SOOO need to do this!

By the way I am so fascinated by all the healing stuff you do, I wish I knew more about it! I would love to read more about your experiences. My mom has had health issues and I know she would be so interested too!

Thanks for stopping by, your blog is wonderful!

Gaia said...

Thank you so much for the kind comments you left on my blog and for the great advices in this post.
I'm such a messy person... I really should make a list of things to do before Christmas!

Just as Senta before me, I'm fascinated by all the healing theories and I'd love to know more.

Fotf said...

Thank you ladies for your kind and encouraging words. I will endevour to post some more information regarding the many alternative therapies i have experienced and continue to enjoy.Thanks for stopping by and please come again :-)