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Friday, 10 October 2008

Countdown to Christmas part 2

2) Now is the time to sit and write a Christmas card list. You may have two lists if you choose to buy special cards for family and close friends but atleast once you've written it you'll have some idea of how many cards you will need.

If you like to get special cards for family and close friends you can of course buy them individually from the card shops but invariably you find a card with a nice picture but inappropriate words or vice versa.

You could of course have a go at making your own.I as a card maker have even cut up pieces of Brett's never art and laminated them and added one or two accessories for last minute cards and there are lots of craft books with simple ideas involving your children if you wish!

Or you could speak to someone like me for individual cards and boxed cards for that extra special someone in your life. See my boxed Fairy Day.

Whatever you do don't let it become a chore!

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Fannie said...

Thanks for your visit! Enjoyed your Countdown to Christmas posts.

You're right: "Life is an opportunity," and there's so much to learn! ;-D

Have a great weekend!