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Monday, 12 January 2009

Five things i do to keep my mind and life balanced

I was tagged by my lovely friend Michelle of Enchanted Inspirations http://michelleperkett.blogspot.com/ to list five things i do to balance mind and life. Here goes:-

1) Well I hope I don’t sound boring for anyone that already reads my blog but for some long time now I’ve listened to a self hypnosis tape, it lasts for just over twenty minutes but seems to have helped me relax, quite an achievement!!!

2) In my process to gain control of my OCD I have released the reins on what was my obsession with housework, housework, housework. I started alternating my days, one housework, and one for me…

3) Creativity is my hobby. I enjoy writing, making cards, blogging, and drawing. Finding time to express yourself is crucial to balancing mind and life.

4) Since having my now three year old I try to walk to town unless I’m expecting to end up carrying a heavy load. The exercise does me good and the fresh air helps to blow away the cobwebs.

5) It’s important to be observant. There is much beauty to be seen if only we open up and look beyond the obvious. The world we live in today is pre-occupied with doom and gloom and reading and enjoying the many blogs I have come across in recent months reminded me of that.

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Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

This is so interesting Kerri. So how does the self hypnoses tape work?

I think is great that you take your time to make art, crafts and things that make you happy. People are too busy these days to realize what it is that make them happy in the first place.

I;m also glad you are getting better with the OCD issue. I bet it is not hard but you are working on it, good for you Kerri :o)

I'll see if I can come up with 5 things for this tag. I'm not sure I have 5, which is good in a way because it made me realize that I need to work more on this!

Fotf said...

Thanks Alicia,

The self hypnosis tape talks you through a coping with situations and uses a couple of relaxation techniques one is quite short and basically requires some breathing and the other where you imagine somewhere you can relax, i'm usually swinging on a swing suspended from a tree over looking a beach with a waterfall somewhere over to my left.For the most part i hardly listen to it now, my mind wanders but subconsiously your mind takes it onboard and basically it gives me some time out.

The OCD has been like going to hell and back but i'm back and it's almost behind me but it takes over your life if you let it.

Good luck finding your five :-)

kathy hare said...

Hello Kerri,
thankyou so much for thinking of me! unfortunately my daughter is not very well so I hope you don't mind if I bow out of this one.. :(

I enjoy self hypnosis tapes and meditation also, a great way to soothe and quieten your mind.. :) x

kathy hare said...
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ale balanzario said...

Thanks so much for think of me!

I will post something about this in the next days.



Martha Lever said...

hi!!! thanks for visiting my blog today and for your encouraging comment! :)