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Friday, 9 January 2009

Tag Your It - Post Christmas Quiz

Ok so Christmas has been and gone. My tree is still up and on but only because we had our loft insulated on Wednesday and the boxes amongst others are cluttering up our spare room. In remembrance of this Christmas I have compiled this little quiz.

1) What is your favourite childhood memory of Christmas?

Mine, amongst others was writing endless song sheets to go carolling with my friends.

2) What was your favourite childhood gift?

Mine is a bit general but would have to be my stocking at the end of my bed. Lots of tiny gifts, more exciting than big presents and I enjoy it as much now :-)

3) What would you like to re-kindle about your Christmas’s in the naughties?

I would love people to bear in mind that it’s the thought that counts not how many pounds you spend!

5) What was your favourite moment about Christmas 2008?

Mine was seeing my son when he came down the stairs to find Santa had left the pressies under the tree and left him his ‘big red car’ (Wiggles) that he asked for.

6) What was your favourite gift?

As I had quite a few presents in the run up to the festive season there were less to open on Christmas Day but my camera would have to be my favourite, most successful and most useful so thanks to my husband.

7) What did you mention doing this Christmas?

I believe I mentioned being more organised, I had been thinking about Christmas since well before Halloween and still ended up writing cards the weekend pre Christmas Day and wrapping Christmas Eve!

8) What are you most thankful for as one-year leaves and another one starts?

I am thankful that my husband and I keep working on what brought us together. Like many we’ve had our moments but we’re still together. Love you!!!
Happy 2009!

There are no rules for this. I tag my Mum, my good friend Michelle, Senta, Fannie, Lisa and my newest addition Martha :-)


Fannie said...

Sweet, Kerri, thanks for including me. You are so thoughtful. I loved reading your answers.

Hope your Christmas was everything you wanted it to be, and hope that the new year will bring you continued success in all you create and desire.

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hello Kerri! I appreciate you thinking of me! I enjoyed reading all the special answers you shared. I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas. Lisa :)

Raluca C said...

Trully special answers,like Lisa said before,thanks for this''confesions'',your answers really made me think about what is actually important in life and what I would answer...was an unexpected ''flash back''in my childhood.
Have best of wishes for the New Year 2009,may it be full of love,joy and succeses!!

Senta said...

You are so awesome, I loved reading your answers!! It sounds like you had a beautiful Christmas, I am so glad...I imagine all Christmases in the UK must be so beautiful and magical, LOL! And you are so sweet to think of me, thanks a million :)

Take care!!

Michelle said...


Your blog is looking so enchanting, like a fairyland, I love it!

My favorite Christmas memory and gift this year was a phone call I recieved from my brother Dave who lives in Budhapest. We havent talked or seen each other for 13 years and he called to wish me a happy birthday. It did my heart so much good to talk to him.

My favorite Christmas memory of all time was the year my dad and I made wooden ornaments (I still have them) He is no longer with us but we shared the same birthday and it was always wonderful to share that special day together.