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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Mork calling Orson, come in Orson!

Hello ladies. Hope 2009 finds you well and full of creative thoughts.

Last year my dear friend Michelle of Enchanted Inspirations was kind enough to trust me with a selection of her cards to sell at an Indulgence Evening i was attending.Bearing in mind i am in England Michelle posted them from Orange County. They got here just in time and i was full of enthusiasm. Unfortunately as is sometimes the case the evening was very poorly attended but during the time i have had the cards in my possession i have sold ten and no i haven't bought them myself lol! Anyway my enthusiasm for crafting has meant for some time now i have fancied my own craft shop but now i am wondering about some sort of online shop.This would be to sell handmade/drawn/designed items much like Michelle's and others i have seen but here in the UK. I have already mentioned this to Michele and she seems to think it sounds a good idea.

What i would like to know is of those of you that have your designs printed on cards, bookmarks, tags etc etc who might be interested in the opportunity to spread their wings over here in the UK?

I think this could be a great opportunity although as yet it's early days but any interest or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks for your time :-)


Senta said...

Wow K it sounds awesome! I haven't had my own stuff printed up, just stuff I do for a scrapbook company (they print it though). But it sounds lovely! Do you need any crafty things? I make way too many things and I need to unload them (and I have been too busy to do my Etsy store!)

Michelle said...

You know you can count me in, Kerri! I am so excited for you and this awesome idea! I know it will be great!

I LOVE Mork and Mindy, too! :)