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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Happy Easter countdown

Hello everyone and almost Happy Easter, infact I'm already in Easter mode. I got my little Easter mugs out, must photograph them and hung my little felt Easter eggs on my light up twiggy branches so today i made these floral crosses. They are made using Hama beads, the children's iron beads. I love making these and in the past have made quite a few so this morning i made these two cards. What i love about these is that their pretty and can be sent at Easter or after the loss of someone. So i plan to make more and pop some in my Etsy store. I really enjoyed my crafty time this morning. Finished another card this afternoon that i have yet to photograph but will keep you posted :)

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Craftypagan said...

Hi hun! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and becoming a new follower-am following you in google reader-got a bit confused which blog was your cardmaking one but I've got it now! Thank you for the Imbolc blessings, and to you too:) Beautiful Easter cards, love that you used hama beads-so creative! I read that you're into Reiki! We've got more than cardmaking in common then! I became a Reiki Master about 5 yrs ago, I don't do as much now as I used to mind. If you ever fancy a chat about alternative therapies send me an email-would be nice:)