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Tuesday, 30 March 2010


I thought I'd post this having read Pinkglitterfaes recent post. This is my last sketch in my sketch book. I have been sketching alot of faces which are usually faceless so to speak although the last five have been within a shape. I was flicking through this magazine when i caught sight of this dolly, you've probably seen the add. It's interesting to see how different people interpret facial features and shapes. The eyes on this doll caught my eye if you pardon the pun so i thought I'd have a go.This is my sketch in the raw and i have made no adjustments to her and can see she needs some work but it got me away from drawing her eyes the way i draw most eyes plus she has hair and some mini clothes too lol. It's good to broaden your horizons and try something different. Anyway just thought I'd share.

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pinkglitterfae said...

You did a great job sketching this doll! I know how easy it is to get into the habit of drawing the same features over and over again. That's why I love reference photos, they force you to try something new.
Finding something to copy is the perfect way of expanding your horizons.
I've never seen this ad, but she is a cute doll!